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Comment cheap Arduino clones + meArm + mini servos (Score 1) 78

I used a cheap chinese Arduino clone, and had a (meArm laser-cut from acrylic. Combined it with some very cheap mini-servos from Aliexpress, and I had a very basic robot-arm.
AliExpress is awesome for these electronics things - worldwide free shipping, and the prices are really ridiculously cheap sometimes.
You can then code up some basic code in the Arduino that lets you remote control the servos from a PC with the programming language of your choice (I use perl).
After that, you can e.g. add a 5$ webcam to your computer, to combine your robot arm with basic computer vision, or add some seonsors to the arm, and so on.

Comment F.Lux helps with that on monitors! (Score 4, Informative) 52

Just in case some slashdotter hasn't hear of it yet:
The people between the very awesome F.Lux software have been saying this for quite a while, so their great little software adjusts your monitor's color temperature after sunset, and before dawn, to be 'warmer'. Their logic being that the blue components of white light are just unnatural to stare at at night, and mess up our biorythms.
All sounds a bit esoteric, but I challenge everybody to use F.Lux for a week or so (until you're used to it), and then disable it at e.g. 2am.
Your eyes will bleed, and you wont understand how people can stare into a super bright white square (the monitor) for hours on end at night.

Comment Where does Snowden get all this information from? (Score 2) 192

Could someone explain where Edward Snowden is getting these kind of leaks and infos from, so long after he fled the NSA?

Or was this information, and the other stuff he claimed in the last couple of months, all part of the package he took with him back then?

If he was sitting on this information, then why wait so long to release it?

Or does he have a new source 'inside'?

Submission + - SpaceShipTwo crashes in Mojave desert (

schweini writes: The BBC and many other outlets are reporting that:
"Virgin Galactic's suborbital space plane SpaceShipTwo suffered a serious malfunction during a rocket-powered test flight over Mojave, California, today (Oct. 31) resulting in the loss of the spacecraft. The fate of the vehicle's pilot crew is unknown.",

Comment Re:Article mentions me! (Score 1) 26

Sorry to highjack this thread for an OT question, but: Do you know if there is a way to emulate OR DK2's tracking data? I would like to homebrew a very poor man's Oculus Rift. The screen should be no problem, and there are many IMUs available - but how would i get an Oculus-enabled game to read the IMUs data?

Comment Chromebook (Score 2) 334

I can whole-heartedly recommend any cheap chromebook. They are basically completely support free, and can be reflashed in an instant.
I'm not sure how well they work with dial-up, but can't really see why they'd perform worse than any other modern browser.

I dont know how to hook them up to POTS line, though. But i guess there is some kind of solution for that.

On another note: where do they live that they don't have access to slightly higher-speed 3G internet? I've travelled through third world countries, and cell-phone-internet seems to be almost omnipresent in some form or another.

Comment Re:What can be done about this? (Score 1) 109

Wouldn't it be easier to just have a capsule and a counterweight on a long rope of sorts, and spin/orbit it around an axle that is on the spaceship?
Why hasn't this been done yet? It would seem to me to be almost energy-neutral, since you would only have to compensate for the friction on the axle, once you get the capsules spining?

Comment constructive criticism, anyone? (Score 1) 2219

Yes, beta is really surprisingly horrible, and i really hope classic will remain an option.
<conspiracy>i bet the GNAA infiltrated dice, and made them create beta! (what have they been up to, anyhow?</conspiracy>
That being said, may I recommend some kind of diplomatic hybrid solution?
- make slashdot's CSS not suck, so that it is easily skin-able. Let US come up with funky themes in CSS form - and we can bet you that 'classic' will be one of the first ones to appear
- make slashdot more reddit-esque in the sense that everything should be API-accessible. That way, if you want to add some oh-so-great feature, you can just add an API call, an someone will mangle the CSS to reflect that. Hopefully, many new slashdot reader apps will pop up (including a decent mobile one! something like 'reddit is fun', but for slashdot!)
- you want to make more money? add that reddit 'give gold' option. They really seem to be making money of that over there, and it goes along nicely with the whole "karma" economy that slashdot basically started. I mean: you've got us all working for you, indirectly, because we all come here for the comments, which are made by us. So give us some additional way of cheering at each other for doing a good job, and make some money off of it!
- unicode! Hell - i make my living writing perl, and basic unicode is really not THAT hard. Geeez.
- if you want to make the whole place more modern and dynamic, you can always add bells & whistles like (unobstrusive) auto-updates and all that jazz. Hell, some CSS themes could even incorporate those obnoxious, but "modern" jQuery animations!

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