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+ - 175 mph in an Electric Car of Less Than 1,100lbs->

Submitted by ESRB
ESRB (974125) writes ""Electric Blue," an electric E1-class streamliner weighing less than 1,100lbs (500kg), set a world record for speed for E1 electric vehicles when it reached 175 mph (280 km/h) over Utah's salt flats. The battery pack weighs less than 160lbs (73kg) and is composed of Li-Ion cells largely taken from DeWalt power tools. Reaching these speeds in such a light vehicle required special attention to aerodynamics, and it is the culmination of BYU's Perry Carter and over 130 engineering students' efforts over 7 years. They hope to reach 200 mph (320 km/h) by the end of the year."
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+ - Cops Can Crack An iPhone In Under Two Minutes-> 2

Submitted by Sparrowvsrevolution
Sparrowvsrevolution (1926150) writes "Micro Systemation, a Stockholm-based company, has released a video showing that its software can easily bypass the iPhone's four-digit passcode in a matter of seconds. It can also crack Android phones, and is designed to dump the devices' data to a PC for easy browsing, including messages, GPS locations, web history, calls, contacts and keystroke logs.

The company's director of marketing says it uses an undisclosed vulnerability in the devices it targets to run a program on the phone that brute-forces its passcode. He says the company's business is "booming" and that it's sold the devices to law enforcement and military customers in 60 countries. He says Micro Systemation's biggest customer is the U.S. military."

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+ - AMD FirePro V3900, Pro Graphics on a Budget, Tested->

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MojoKid writes "The FirePro V3900 is AMD's latest budget solution for the professional graphics market. The card represents the first of AMD's Tahiti-based pro GPU architectures in their ongoing campaign to steal professional market share away from rival Nvidia. Workstation-class GPU sales are overwhelmingly dominated by Team Green, but AMD has slashed its professional prices in an attempt to siphon market share. Professional cards like the FirePro V3900 offer support for 10-bit color, up to five simultaneous displays, and accelerated rendering support for 3D applications like 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, and a number of other programs. With a 480 Stream processor core, the AMD FirePro V3900 is significantly faster than its V3800 predecessor. It costs ~$15 more than the V3800, but delivers an average of 20-25% better performance."
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+ - The Books Programmers Don't Read->

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itwbennett writes "You know those must-read programming books? Turns out most of you haven't actually read them. Skimmed, maybe. Been assigned sections in college courses, sure. Programming blogger Bill the Lizard calls you out, with a plea to 'stop recommending books to others that you haven't read yourself'. What books are on your 'haven't read it, lied about it' list?"
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Comment: Praise science (Score 1) 155

by schrodingersGato (#39487227) Attached to: Dysfunction In Modern Science?
Dishonesty has become a real problem in science. Some recent cases (Judy Mikovits, Luk Van Parijs, and Dipak K. Das (aka the red-wine researcher)) reveal some serious misconduct from high profile researchers. Certainly, part of this is due to the increased pressure on scientific researchers. The other part of this is generational. Cheating and misconduct are certainly more prevalent .in younger generations (or perhaps its always been this way and they are just not quite as clever).

+ - Political Party's Leadership Election Attacked by DDoS ->

Submitted by lyran74
lyran74 (685550) writes "Saturday's electronic leadership vote for Canada's New Democratic Party was plagued by delays caused by a botnet DDoS attack, coming from over 10,000 machines. Details are still scarce, but Scytl, who provided electronic voting services, will have to build more robust systems in the future in anticipation of such attacks. Party and company officials say an audit proved the systems and integrity of the vote were not compromised."
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+ - Apple To Replace Google With Baidu For The Chinese Market->

Submitted by hypnosec
hypnosec (2231454) writes "Apple is planning to integrate the search function from Chinese web services giant Baidu into iOS. "Knowledgeable sources," suggest that Apple will release the new feature sometime next month. The sources say that, so far, an agreement has been signed and everything is going according to plan. Confirming these rumors, cloud and mobile chief Li Mingyuan pointed out last week at the launch of WangPan, Baidu's cloud storage services, that the Chinese company and Apple have a healthy cooperation agreement."
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Comment: Nicely done sir (Score 5, Insightful) 160

Well, if these games can get younger people interested in the concepts of programming, I'm all for it. I'm not a fan of most online games, but I have to say this is really cool. I think more games should provide an environment to explore programming (optionally of course)

Comment: Re:Beware what you share. (Score 0) 195

by schrodingersGato (#39479375) Attached to: Your Privacy Is a Sci-Fi Fantasy
I'd have to agree with you. People need to take some (most) of the blame for this. No one forced your to join Facebook, twitter, flickr, etc. and you had to know that these were not services being sold with the guise of anonymity. Yes companies are using tracking cookies and algorithmic hocus-pocus to profile your habits, but these can be circumvented with little effort. If you want to share everything, fine. But your info is now essentially public.

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