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Comment: Re:Not like cowardly Westerners (Score 1) 496

by schnablebg (#34215404) Attached to: Facebook Postings Lead To Arrest for Heresy In the West Bank

No, we're not up in arms because this is just some guy talking, not any government's policy.

The Gazans have a strange idea of freedom to me; when Israel gave them a chance to form their own government they decided to destroy their economy and shoot rockets at Israel.

Comment: Re:No Big Deal Really (Score 4, Informative) 436

by schnablebg (#33996880) Attached to: Gosling Reacts To Apple's Java Deprecation

It has a pro video subsystem, a pro audio subsystem, a pro graphics subsystem, a pro Web development subsystem

I agree with you, but it is very difficult to have "pro" Web development subsystem if you can't run Java apps. The Amazon EC2 tools and the YUI Javascript compressor are two examples of staple web dev tools that are Java-based, not to mention the popular Eclipse IDE which some use.

Comment: Re:No Big Deal Really (Score 1) 436

by schnablebg (#33996862) Attached to: Gosling Reacts To Apple's Java Deprecation
If true, this is really sad. OS X really is a sweet spot for web development, and Macs have really caught on amongst developers. The POSIX environment is suited for web dev and the graphical shell, to many, is much more usable than Gnome or KDE. Most importantly, their laptop hardware is killer. You could run Linux on it, or another good laptop, but Linux does not get good battery life on any quality laptop I know of.

Comment: Re:Hey big spender! (Score 1) 367

by schnablebg (#33350040) Attached to: Los Angeles Unveils $578 Million Public School

When calculating a teacher's salary, please include the facts that:

  1. They only work 9 months out of the year.
  2. The tenure system all but makes it impossible to fire them for anything short of sexual misconduct.
  3. The benefits are among the best available.
  4. They have contractually guaranteed pay raises based on seniority rather than job performance.
  5. They have guaranteed defined benefit pensions.

Then decide if teachers are really "underpaid." Being a public school teacher is among the best middle class jobs in the nation right, maybe *the* best because there is almost no accountability for the work they do and the standards are so low. All they need to do is show up for work and keep their pants on, and they are set for life.

Comment: Re:Never Works Properly (Score 1) 427

by schnablebg (#32938946) Attached to: Wine 1.2 Released

I can say with a high degree of confidence that it runs most applications flawlessly. Of course, you need to remove many of the new .NET crap, which is ruining the industry for everyone.

It is certainly not ruining it for developers who like to write high quality software in modern programming languages quickly. And it's not ruining it for customers that benefit from better software and shorter release cycles. So who is it ruining it for? People that invested their careers in cloning the Win32 API?

Comment: The Real WTF (Score 1) 765

by schnablebg (#32883622) Attached to: Retrieving a Stolen Laptop By IP Address Alone?

The real WTF is why you don't have a password on boot and why you have Thunderbird configured to store your email password unencrypted.

A secondary WTF is why you are leaving valuable, apparently uninsured, items unattended in a car.

Laptops get lost and stolen all the time. My advice is to put some thought and energy into that reality rather than trying to try to catch this guy.

(NB: Thunderbird will store passwords encrypted if you assign a master password, which requires you to enter a password at launch.)

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