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Comment: Re:They had it years ago.. (Score 2) 290

by schklerg (#44376925) Attached to: My NSA-induced paranoia level:
Exactly - and a lot of the data is public and just waiting to be aggregated. Lexis Nexis has a service like this. As does Verizon. As does Experian. We give up a lot of data for services, and when it is consolidated it can be surprising what is known. Some of my favorite questions from those types of things are 'in what county does your younger sister live' or 'what hospital was your oldest child born in'.

Comment: Personal Story (Score 4, Interesting) 298

by schklerg (#40598579) Attached to: Criminals Distribute Infected USB Sticks In Parking Lot
So a coworker found a usb key in the parking lot and wisely didn't plug it in. Instead he asked me to check it out before he did. So dutifully I fired up my live CD, plugged it in and quickly saw it belonged to a coworker. But which one in a company of 300+? Well, that was actually pretty easy to figure out, since there was a nice folder with pictures of himself naked in a mirror. Many of them. All alone. So I gave the guy the USB key, told him what I'd seen, washed my hands (and disinfected my cubicle) and was sooooo glad when the photographer took a different job.
So there may be a virus, or maybe just a lonely coworker.

+ - Bloggers Sneak into Russian Rocket Factory 3

Submitted by
Hugh Pickens writes
Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Remember Elena, who took us on motorcycle tour through Chernoby in 2004. Now young Russian blogger Lana Sator has broken into the Energomash plant outside Moscow showing a decrepit and seemingly deserted plant, with paint peeling off machinery and piles of junk outside. She and her friends apparently sneaked through a hole in the fence under cover of darkness and were able to access many of the plant's buildings unchallenged, including the control room. Russian media cited a senior space agency official, speaking anonymously, who describes the breach as a shock of the same scale as German pilot Mathias Rust's brazen Cessna flight under Soviet radar to land on Red Square in 1987 while Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin says the security failure is "unacceptable," warning in a televised meeting with Roskosmos chief Vladimir Popovkin that "sleepy cats" who fail to maintain security at strategic defense sites face punishment. Sator has posted pictures of decrepit-looking hardware on her blog (google translate) from inside a rusted engine-fuel testing tower and the plant's control room."

+ - Looking for a good news source on the web

Submitted by schklerg
schklerg writes: I have been looking for a good news (non-techie) RSS feed that gives at least somewhat unbiased news coverage and leaves out the tabloid garbage. Does such a resource exist? Where do you go for a good "World News" type of feed?

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