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Comment Re:Follow the money? (Score 2) 52

You're probably correct otherwise this statement from the blog post makes no sense:

We certainly do not take this lightly, and we appreciate the millions of customers who have used the service, as well as the hard work and dedication of our product team over the past 4+ years.

If they had millions of customers surely that's a decent chunk of revenue ... or is nobody actually paying for the service?

Comment Re:What the doctor ordered... (Score 1) 698

It's a fairly significant change of behaviour. There might be valid reasons to issue rm -rf /, such as to erase a system before a clean installation. You should not expect that to erase critical firmware data and brick the motherboard because it's never been able to do that previously. That said if I was erasing a system I'd probably be booting from a LiveCD and reformatting the old sda.

Comment Re:Why is Diablo showing this? (Score 1) 148

I guess you've never rebooted a computer with either an nVidia or an AMD/ATI video card in it. It's very common for the boot screen (and even the desktop immediately after login) to briefly display old content from prior to the reboot. I see this on Linux, OSX and Windows machines every single day. It's not a Diablo problem, it's that the video drivers don't even bother initializing video RAM to a known state at driver startup let alone before allocating memory to applications.

Comment Re:VLC as default (Score 1) 44

You know VLC for iOS will not decode AC3 -- unless you change you time zone location to somewhere outside the U.S.?

You know VLC for iOS will not even see most DLNA servers on the local network? And when it does, occasionally, list a UMS server it is unable to enumerate even its root folder contents? It would have been nice to see VLC for iOS work as well as its desktop counterparts on Windows, Linux and OS X, but I doubt that will ever happen. More license sales lost to 8player and ArkMC I guess.

Comment Re:What the FUCK is Tb (SICK) Supposedly to BE? (Score 1) 96

I'm sure the poster would have typed "TB". Remember how Slashdot's backward article system can't handle Unicode characters? Well, it also messes up the letter case of article titles, first lower casing them then upper casing the first letter of each word - which is why you also see "Mongodb" up there instead of "MongoDB".

Comment Re:As a Thunderbird user (Score 1) 418

I also agree that Mozilla should ditch Thunderbird, but only so that it can be taken over by people that actually care about it. It's been pretty much impossible getting Mozilla to fix Thunderbird issues.

Thunderbird's LDAP support is awful having a contact schema that's incompatible with just about every LDAP server out there. Thunderbird's WYSIWYG HTML mail composition is awful seeming to choose a random style when moving to the beginning/end of a line or the beginning/end of a message. If you used Home, End or an arrow key anywhere in your message you'll almost certainly get a different result in your Sent mail folder than what you had in the editor.

Apple Mail's HTML mail composition may be woefully lacking in features, but at least it's consistent.

Comment Re:Switch to Windows mail? (Score 1) 418

Also not a big fan of Gmail's filters here. They have a nasty habit of just deciding to stop working some days leaving everything sitting in the Inbox, or often in Spam. Don't know if you're aware but Lookout used to be a 3rd party search add-on for Outlook that made Outlook actually useful. I believe Microsoft bought it and integrated it into Outlook a few versions ago.

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