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+ - What Smartwatch apps do you see yourselves using? 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "It's official. The Smartphone wars have begun, with Apple's announcement of the Apple Watch adding a contender to the race that has the likes of the Pebble watch and Moto 360. My doubts about wanting one were put to rest when I learned of the health-related features. Smartwatches will be able to track your movements and pulse rate, calculate how many calories you burn, coach you continuously to improve your fitness.

If you do get one, though, then what other apps or functions do you imagine yourself benefiting from? Assuming that Slashdot is well-read by the app developer community, your wish might come true."

+ - AnandTech founder's "retirement" is a job at Apple Inc.->

Submitted by gwstuff
gwstuff (2067112) writes "Anand Lal Shimpi, the legendary hardware reviewer who founded and led AnandTech recently announced that he would retire from the tech writing business. On the heels of the announcement comes the news that he has joined Apple Inc. Unsurprisingly, the details of his new role in the company are unknown, with a typical "confirm, but won't provide details" statement from Apple."
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+ - Apple Loses Motion against Lodsys->

Submitted by gwstuff
gwstuff (2067112) writes "In 2011, iOS developers everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when Apple sued Lodsys in response to the company's patent lawsuits against individual developers. Now seemingly well in time for Halloween, a Texas court has rejected Apple's motion presumably re-exposing devs to the front lines of the legal battle. Is it time for devs to suck it up and resign to the ugly one, or is there still hope that Martha Stewart will succeed where Apple failed and save the day? As a developer myself I find it bizarre and sad that a company can use the legal system to enforce patents that it itself does not use in any of its own products."
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Comment: Bootstrapping problem (Score 1) 618

by sb98052 (#35176598) Attached to: Why Dumbphones Still Dominate, For Now
Dumbphones are great, till you've actually used a smartphone. It's hard to convey the smartphone experience to dumbphone users - it's more than just email, web and apps - it's a paradigm change that speeds up your access to information from 10s of seconds to seconds. With this dramatic change, you start going about your business and life differently.

Comment: Fascinating scientific debate (Score 1) 478

by sb98052 (#35093348) Attached to: Bombay High Court Rules Astrology To Be a Science
A very respected psychology researcher recently published a paper producing purported statistical evidence for "psi", i.e. phenomena that cannot be explained by known science. The author carried out a long and detailed study on his students: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/06/science/06esp.html and concluded that the effect of 'psi' was 'statistically significant'. The evidence was severely criticized by his peers - in particular is a dismissive rebuttal to the work cited in the same article. Links to the papers lie therein as well. The outlook I have had, reinforced by these studies is that it doesn't hurt to dab a toe on the other side (i.e., in favor of pseudo sciences) every now and then. It helps you think out of the box of known science and understanding. It's like exploring a landscape by following the stars rather than your GPS and compass. You may venture into uncharted territory more easily with the former.

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