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Comment: Re:Sorry - you are a fool (Score 1) 630 630

by sauge (#42373207) Attached to: Drawings of Weapons Led To New Jersey Student's Arrest
Let me put a couple of facts out there:

- Any pistol is likely to have less bullets than an AR weapon. (Expanded magazines in a pistol are rare.) When you are out of rounds, your fucked. Meanwhile the rifle holder is still spraying.

- A rifle will usually have enough grains behind the round to go through walls and other obstacles. This is why police switched to 9mm - .38 rounds literally bounced off windshields more than once.

- A pistol flops around while shooting. A rifle is a more stable platform with less aim correction time required (if any in an experienced shooter as the killer was.)

- It takes longer to correctly aim a pistol than a rifle. A rifle is more like a line with two points - a pistol is more of bobbing on a point.

- More but I think the major points are made...

That all said, being on the wrong end of a pistol is mighty damn dangerous.

Comment: Re:Square peg....round hole (Score 1) 122 122

by sauge (#39558825) Attached to: More Fuel For Facebook Censorship Advocates In India
It is coming to the US (assuming you are posting from the US):

From the article:

The bill would make it a crime to offend, harass, terrify or even just annoy another person online. Skordas points out a few issues, like how will law enforcement find these so-called "online trolls?" and who is going to set the basis for what is considered "offensive?"

Comment: Re:Book this! (Score 1) 197 197

by sauge (#39460455) Attached to: Facebook Asserts Trademark On "Book" In New User Agreement
Guess I will just have to start in like, some Caribbean island or something. Damn those patent/copyright laws (shaking fist with furious look on face - oh sh!t - can I use "face" or did they patent/copyright that too?)

The way the US government is going broke at so many levels (NYC is considering tolls on bicycle riders) - I can certainly see some "fines" coming down the road for at least illegal clauses in contracts.

Comment: Re:Here's what you say (Score 5, Insightful) 1059 1059

by sauge (#38615638) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Way To Deal With Roving TSA Teams?
An officer may not have made an arrest, but the officer still has a right to detain you. Law classes are worth the money - even undergraduate ones. In fact, there should be civil rights classes in these universities. Of course, perhaps they won't like the outcome of students educated in the law....

Comment: Re:Missing the point. (Score 1) 297 297

by sauge (#38131950) Attached to: How To Get Into an Elite Comp-Sci Program
Depends on what one is trying to solve I suppose... simulations based on real world actions - police simulations, earth science simulations, game programming - calculus might be somewhat beneficial. Perhaps even a foundation for other mathematics (tensors for example)...

The rate at which a disease spreads through a corn field is a precise measurement of the speed of blight.