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Comment: We All NEED to be connected... (Score 0) 24

by satcomjimmy (#44247395) Attached to: Global Study Stresses Importance of Public Internet Access
..so the NSA can log more of our traffic....and low income people need to be watched too. And we all need google glass too so the NSA can watch what we watch so....terrorists......or something....I don't know, just copy nsa@assclowns.gov on anything you send, it helps prevent you from being a drone strike victim, err, I mean a terrorist...Merica!

Comment: Re:at least they're trying... (Score 1) 326

by satcomjimmy (#43825755) Attached to: Spain's New S-80 Class Submarines Sink, But Won't Float

here in Canada we aren't in extreme debt too, not sure what Spain is doing even building these. Spain is having a rather significant financial crisis the last few years.

They just want to be like Merica! Someone tell them that they can just keep borrowing from China indefinitely.

Comment: Re:Who needs an advertising budget? (Score 1) 471

by satcomjimmy (#43134939) Attached to: Seattle Bar Owner Bans Google Glass, In Advance
So your theory is that he wanted free advertising instead of genuinely not wanting to deal with patrons constantly recording and uploading his and all of his patrons every move? I am absolutely disturbed by what the general public is willing to take, and scared by the utter lack of privacy they are willing and happy to live with.

Comment: Re:No Death Penalty (Score 3, Insightful) 379

by satcomjimmy (#42089875) Attached to: Search For "Foolproof Suffocation" Missed In Casey Anthony Case
The state should be no more than a representative of the population, if the people in that state believe it is better to put down a rabid dog, or a serial rapist or a murdering mother, than it is not the state asserting power. It is the people stating that they believe there are things and people that are not capable of rehabilitation and not worth keeping alive indefinitely. If you actively catch someone in the act of murder and can justify killing them to save a life, then why is it so reprehensible for a jury to later point out that the same murderer has no right to further life?

Comment: Re:Developers destroyed the start menu (Score 1) 862

by satcomjimmy (#37606998) Attached to: Microsoft Killed the Start Menu Because No One Uses It

Hell to the yeah.....and if I sort by name, why should it sort the apps with icons a-z and then also sort folders in the start menu a-z as if they're separate items?

BTW, #6 should be punishable by repeated papercutting over a 2-week period in a lemon-juice pool. This is the same reason I rarely install and update itunes on any computer regardless of the fact that I find it to be the most useful music app period.

Comment: First Step in government controlling your car (Score 1) 115

by satcomjimmy (#36781788) Attached to: Ford Demonstrates Networked Cars
http://www.its.dot.gov/connected_vehicle/connected_vehicle.htm I can't possibly add more info than the government is already putting out on this subject and we need to let the government know this is ridiculous. It was formerly known as Intellidive but the US DOT is moving forward on funding a road system and cars that will eventually take over when they believe a crash is imminent, or I assume any other reason the government believes you should (or shouldn't) stop. This should scare the shit out of you coming from the same government that decided they would just start listening to all our calls. Not to mention they are calling this a green initiative, so are you ready for the road to decide you're going too fast and slow you down without your help to save gas? Ready to have insurance hiked for not driving a car that can be overridden by the roadway itself?

Comment: Re:The number of devices is not most relevant (Score 1) 346

by satcomjimmy (#36065148) Attached to: Making Wireless, Not Ethernet, the Heart of the Network

Why is it that we in IT have people that are so resistant to change instead of being the change advocates we need to be? As users start using the technology we support differently, it's up to us to find a solution, not to force the user to use the technology differently. To think that users will not change how they use technology is naive, at best.

Because of the laws of physics: shared collision medium, higher latency, etc.

ditto, a thousand times.......the physics of the wireless medium, especially on ***UNLICENSED*** spectrum does not change just because you want it to function differently, so please stop pushing that rhetoric. I gladly put wireless where business requires it but I also do not allow the user to develop unrealistic expectations as to how it can be used. I don't plan on being the guy that tells Steve Jobs "sure, you can run your demo on 802.11 while in a room full of interfering devices, I don't see a problem with that!"

Comment: Re:The number of devices is not most relevant (Score 2) 346

by satcomjimmy (#36065102) Attached to: Making Wireless, Not Ethernet, the Heart of the Network

Anyone who needs to pull boatloads of data needs to sit the hell down

Sure, in May 2011. The idea is that, moving forward, let's not have to sit down. Let's be able to pull, process and use that boatloads of data on the go.

When you develop 802.11z which utilizes different frequencies and gets you the bandwidth you need on a channel scheme that mitigates interference among the hundreds of people that share the space you want to connect in, let us know. Until then, trust the network engineers in the discussion that explain what you want is not always feasible, at any cost. 802.11n will not fix the problem, though it does help. It is also expensive and still inherently not in the same category of wired networking for all of the same reasons that every other version of wireless networking has always lagged behind the wired LAN.

Comment: Re:Marketing "Leak" (Score 1) 101

I'm basing it on my enjoyment of BC2, hopefully the same basic engine and new maps. It's the only Battlefield I've played and I still switch to it when CoD gets on my nerves. I hope they tweak it, but I am fully aware that a PC is the only way to get those graphics. The graphics are as good as I need, I'd rather them free up more system resources to get more chumps on the screen to shoot at anyway.

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