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Comment: Liberals and Math (Score 0) 466

They think they know it. The truth is this....Telecoms and ISP's cannot keep up with the demand of content providers, especially when any yocal with a celly can now be a content provider. It takes years and gobs of cash to upgrade a network, and before you finish upgrading the network you have to start upgrading the network AGAIN. It never ends. The networks in many cases cannot handle the spike in capacity that we've seen in the past few years which is why now Net Neutrality is a talking point. The pressure is on the telcos to get networks on pace and they cannot do it without more money. Otherwise, everyone will have to wait There is nothing Neutral about Net Neutrality. Just like 'Climate Change' its a bunch of Orwellian garbage

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by sasquatch989 (#46117757) Attached to: What Killed the Great Beasts of North America?

My personal theory is that the pleistocene has been so cold because of the historically (4 billion years) high oxygen levels and the significant amount of historical carbon that has been sequestered underground.

Humans are changing that, we're sucking all the sequestered carbon out and putting it into the atmosphere where it hasn't been since the dinosaurs. Before all the science deniers reply....

I wasn't aware that personal theory counts as science

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And unions aren't organized like corporate structures? Immune to corruption? Loaded at the top and crumbs for the bottom? Sorry, unions skew the labor market with unsustainable mandates, rigid power structures, perverse incentives, and in my experience, unions enable shitbags to continue to be shitbags

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You're a tard. A tired ideology that has only existed as a recognized American polity for 30 years? Sheeit, DEMOCRACY itself must then be a tired ideology x 1000. What is tired is the concept of nation-states and the dominion of sovereignty by rulers to do whatever the hell they want to their people by any decree. Namely, THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF INDIVIDUALISM America has it's streaks of individualism but even then you cannot just roll together the idea that individualists and libertarians are one in the same, unless you are accept the conclusion that all conservatives are cult-driven eugenicists and all liberals are drug-addled pedophiles. Stop jerking off to DailyKos and employ some critical thinking.

+ - Tor Now Comes in a Box->

Submitted by Daniel_Stuckey
Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes "To your average internet user, the covert network of relays and whatchamacallits can come off as too complex and intimidating to bother with—even as people are increasingly concerned with their online privacy in light of the NSA scandal. So goes the thinking behind Safeplug, a new hardware adapter that basically puts Tor in a box. It takes 60 seconds and 50 bucks to plug the privacy box into your router, and you’re good to go, the company claims. Like anonymous browsing for dummies. The adapter comes from hardware company Pogoplug, which announced its new product yesterday and hopes it will bring Tor to the mass market by offering more consumer-friendly access. "We want to just take what is currently available today to a more technical crowd and democratize it, making it easier to use for an average user," CEO Dan Putterman told GigaOM ."
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+ - A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP->

Submitted by mdsolar
mdsolar (1045926) writes ""These days Barry Goldwater, Jr. is on an unlikely crusade. In March, the former California Republican congressman founded Tell Utilities Solar Won’t Be Killed, or TUSK, after Arizona’s largest electric utility proposed a hefty new fee on solar customers and a plan to lower net metering rates, which dictate how much electric utilities pay solar customers for excess energy sold back to the grid. "Republicans want the freedom to make the best choice," Goldwater said in a statement on TUSK's website. So he cobbled together a ragtag coalition of libertarian-minded conservatives, solar industry advocates, and business groups to wage a colorful guerrilla campaign. In the past few months, TUSK has run ads attacking the electric utility on conservative talk radio and the Drudge Report. They’ve posted clever YouTube videos, including a song parody sung to the tune of “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “They Totally Think We're Not Smart.”

It’s a strange campaign not least because it seemed at first like the electric utility’s proposal would be a lay-up. Arguing that customers were not paying enough to cover the cost of maintaining the grid infrastructure they use whenever the sun is not shining, the electricity provider—Arizona Public Service, or APS—only needed approval from the state’s utility commission, which is 100 percent Republican. And the company generally enjoys strong support among Arizona Republicans. It donated $25,000 to the Republican Victory Fund in 2012, according to Arizona campaign filings...."

A longer article which goes on to claim that Goldwater won in Arizona."

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"Sure enough when you look into it you see that this shop was basically fleecing people, only making sales because they couldn't get to the state run shops. People don't like getting ripped off because they have no choice, and their government acted on their behalf to put an end to it." Because owning an LCD TV in a shit hole like Venezuela is a human right.

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