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Comment: Re:Quickly lets do a test for HANDHELDS ONLY (Score 3, Informative) 123

by saschasegan (#36592190) Attached to: Eight Major 3G & 4G Networks Tested Nationwide
No, it's because ... 1) Last year we used USB dongles and it was a bit of an operational nightmare. The drivers kept conflicting and we had to rebuild the laptops a few times, Windows would freak out from time to time for no apparent reason, the tests all had to be initiated by hand, and there are differences in USB dongle performance anyway so it doesn't totally insulate you against that. 2) Last year I got a lot of criticism around "who uses USB dongles? Everybody's on smartphones!" ... so I thought we'd use those popular smartphone devices. I tried to make the devices as similar as possible. 3) Sensorly was willing to work with us to create a great field test app that I think tested a bunch of connectivity aspects really wekk.

Comment: Re:Barely Touched the West Coast (Score 3, Informative) 123

by saschasegan (#36592170) Attached to: Eight Major 3G & 4G Networks Tested Nationwide
Nah, we just had to plot out a trip that took no more than 22 days, where both cars started in Detroit (that's where we got the cars) and covered the maximum amount of large cities, where each city had as many 3G/4G choices as possible, and with no more than about 350 miles of driving per day. It was gated by things like car availability and publication deadlines.

+ - Zer01 Mobile Promises Unlimited 3G Data, VOIP->

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saschasegan writes: "Zer01 Mobile, a new wireless carrier, claims they can give you unlimited data and VOIP on unlocked smart phones in the US for $69.95/month. They say they can even do VOIP over GPRS, which I've never seen before. Right now they're only running on Windows Mobile, but they say they'll come to other smart phone platforms quickly — even to unlocked iPhones. Are they too good to be true?"
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+ - N810's Repository Failures Leave a Sour Taste->

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saschasegan writes: "I recently reviewed the Nokia N810; I wanted to like it, but ended up cranky and frustrated because of failures with the download process for third party software, six days running. The tablet is also still missing key software I'd want in any handheld. (Maybe I could have downloaded it, except that I couldn't.) Is my experience entirely atypical, or is this representative of a system that relies too heavily on one central repository for critical packages?"
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