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Comment: The museum speculates.... (Score 1) 108

by santax (#49116253) Attached to: Mummified Monk Found Inside 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Statue
.... Liu Quan may have 'self-mummified' in order to become a 'living Buddha.' They found out that Liu Quan's internal organs had been removed and replaced with scripts covered in Chinese writing. Uh, what??? Being Dutch, I like the Netherlands and I like our 'coffee'shops. But seriously, keep the academics away from the pot!!!!

Comment: Re:.doc (clarification) (Score 1) 70

by santax (#48841403) Attached to: Andy Wolber Explores Online Word Processors' ODF Support
Thanks for the response. That is a big drop indeed and you are probably right that online office suits are the biggest reason for that. In all honesty, I do use libre-office for when people send me documents or spreadsheets, but most of my files and text editing needs are done in pure text in vim. Only if I need something with a nicer layout I use a richer text standard and wordprocessor. If I have a choice, I use abiword before writer. I find libre-office and alternatives (even kde-office) much too resource hungry.

Comment: Lol... (Score 0, Funny) 296

by santax (#48217501) Attached to: How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor
Seriously, Apple sold 5.5 million intel-pc's.... It's nothing on total pc sales. They took a great OS (freebsd) closed it down, put huge payed-garden-walls around it and made it idiot-proof and dumb enough for a 2 button mouse.... Of course there will be a couple million idiots buying it... Even including the apple-tax, for their customers, it's either paying up or learning to handle 3 mouse buttons. I don't think we can expect the intellectual effort of understanding 3 buttons, let alone a terminal, from someone who is paying for this. And that is just fine. It's good to see that the 'special' people also can use a 'computer'. But please... Don't go pretending that apple created something really good or unique with this rebranding of intel cpu's and freebsd.

Comment: Re:Dislike Arch (Score 3, Insightful) 303

by santax (#48099331) Attached to: What's Been the Best Linux Distro of 2014?
One could consider using pacman on Arch for just that task. Or yaourt if you wish. (package managing ;) ) I am using arch for about 3 years now. I wouldn't use it an a production server, it's too bleeding edge for that and there is no such thing as LTS on Arch. But it's awesome as a dev system and as a general state of the art desktop/laptop. I would not recommend it to first time linux users or people who are afraid to open up vim. To get the most out of it, takes quite some time in the configs. After install it's pretty much naked, while being considered a good thing to me, might not be a good thing for someone who wants to start typing on a new book. I think Arch takes a bit more from the user in many ways. The community is helpfull, after you have proven to do your own research. It resembles openbsd both in docs as mentality. Because the documentation indeed is awesome.

Comment: Re:Gentoo (Score 1) 303

by santax (#48099285) Attached to: What's Been the Best Linux Distro of 2014?
Well personally, being a hacker since the early 80's wouldn't consider setting some compiler-flags being a hacker. Second, Arch (and I believe most distro's actually) let you hold back packages while still being able to upgrade all the rest. In Arch AUR there is even a package cold downgrade... so you can compile any given package again from version control where you can pick one you liked better. If you really wanted keep a package at a certain version, you being a 'old-age-interpretation' of a hacker, could also consider compiling it static. Not sure if Gentoo mentions that option in their standard flags or if you would have to do that manually ;) Don't get me wrong, gentoo is nice, but any system can compile packages. You just need to learn how to read and alter the make files. In most cases, Gentoo costs you time and learns you nothing. But it's a nice hobby.

Comment: Re:Arch (Score 2) 303

by santax (#48099183) Attached to: What's Been the Best Linux Distro of 2014?
Being a former dev and pro for SuSE, going to Debian for years and since 3 years switched to Arch I have to say, there is no documentation better in linux land than the one you can find at the Arch Wiki. It really is an example of how great docs should be. Nothing wrong with mint, ubuntu, slack, redhat and by all means, pick one that you like. I would not have picked arch as the best, since it's geared towards to technical crowd that knows where and how to fix things, but they are right when they say that the Arch documentation stands out alone. Openbsd's might just be better. Might.

Comment: oh you mean tools to counterfeit? (Score -1) 35

by santax (#48042459) Attached to: DARPA Technology Could Uncover Counterfeit Microchips
We all know the Chinese special but the asians as a whole make chips. EU and US don't... so just as we know that the NSA doens't hunt for terrorist but for economic and political espionage (terrorisme as you will) this isn't different. The US can call it what is want, but we, the academic world know what you are up too... And the US is with al those things no longer a serieus academic partner and soon it won't be a economic nor political partner.

Comment: Re:Radicalization (Score 1) 868

by santax (#47561159) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline
Actually, we haven't seen the slightest proof of Hamas doing that. We do however know that Israel does precisely that. Not only do they force their teenagers to take up arms in the army and frontlines, they also force them to kill babies. But sometimes they just do it for real like here: And there is lot more of those videos where there is zero evidence of Hamas doing this, except from the word of professional liar (ak, spokesperson) for the IDF. Keep thinking critical people. Hamas might do this, but there is zero proof. Israel does do it and there is proof enough. Most of their IDF are teens who are forced to take service. Talk about human shields.

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