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Comment: Re:Damn! (Score 1) 1165

by sanosuke76 (#40339685) Attached to: Blocking Gun Laws With Patents

Other point - most of the times, they choose "gun-free zones" (schools, for instance - or effectively most of the state of California) for massacres.

It's harder to find instances of long rampages in right-to-carry states than it is in restrictive states like CA. Of course, the Giffords shooting in Arizona comes to mind, but the only reason they didn't shoot the guy was that they managed to tackle him to the ground. One of the guys tackling him actually DID have a permit and was carrying, if I recall - he just didn't use the gun because of the crowds.

Comment: Re:At the risk of modding... (Score 3, Interesting) 116

by sanosuke76 (#28030795) Attached to: G1 Google Phone Could End Up the Most Popular Console Ever
Obvious troll is obvious.

My wife and I are both in our 30s, and certainly do not have a celibate marriage. We have a pair of PS3's, and we spent last night playing Street Fighter 4. Usually she's on Xenosaga or a Final Fantasy game and I'm on an FPS or TPS of some sort.

Most of my friends are in their 30s. Only a few of them don't have consoles. With the exception of one girl who just turned 30 (and just got a PS3... maybe it's something about that magic 30), none of us use Wii's for anything other than entertaining small children. Don't misrepresent me as saying the Wii is garbage - I never said it doesn't do a specific job acceptably. But you can NOT make the ridiculous claim that anyone who's ever gotten laid prefers Wii-style games.

Comment: Re:Huh...odd from Microsoft (Score 4, Interesting) 1182

by sanosuke76 (#26988773) Attached to: Gamer Claims Identifying As a Lesbian Led To Xbox Live Ban

Microsoft's got lots of clubs, actually. Including an employee gun club, with a private discussion forum.

I'm extremely pro-gun, but I am kind of amused at the thought that yes, Microsoft IS forming a militia and DOES intend to rule the world. :)

That's ok, myself and the guys at #kplug-militia are gun-toting Linux users and we've probably got enough firepower to take 'em on...

Comment: Re:Oh Noes! (Score 1) 583

by sanosuke76 (#26138793) Attached to: Microsoft Knew About Xbox 360 Damaging Discs
Don't forget jackhammers outside due to road work, an unbalanced washer/dryer, heck SOMEONE ELSE'S unbalanced washer/dryer if you're in an apartment. For that matter, military helicopters and jets overhead (I live near Miramar) or even trains thundering by. For that matter, some floors are less sturdy than others... back in TN I remember my friend's apartment floors shaking when the lardos next door would go running down the hall. What's next? Will MS ask, "How come you didn't buy the Microsoft-designed shock absorber platform to keep it perfectly steady?" Small vibrations are to be EXPECTED - even some moderately large ones. Not to handle those is a design defect, and I really don't think there are too many folks who sit around arbitrarily relocating their X-Box and getting scratched discs. Most gamers are twitchy enough about their discs that they'd stop moving the stupid thing after the first time the system crashes during a move and they go, "GEE, I shouldn't do that anymore". Yet instead, even the folks who are cautious and NOT moving it are ending up with entire scratched-up collections.

+ - Plastic solar cell reaches 6.5% efficiency->

Submitted by
mdsolar writes "The MIT Technology Review reports on work published in Science about a tandem polymer solar cell that achieves 6.5% efficiency, a new record for this potentially inexpensive form of photovoltaic cell.

Until now, however, the tandem architecture spoiled plastic photovoltaics such as Heeger's, which are "printed" by spraying solutions of conductive plastics and other materials onto a plastic film. Layers of different plastics sprayed on top tended to mix, degrading rather than enhancing power output. Heeger and his colleagues beat the mixing problem by finding an effective spray-on separator to keep the layers in place.
Given other developments in this field, achieving 10% efficiency may be within reach."

Link to Original Source

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