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Comment: Re:Some crazy conspiracy? (Score 3, Interesting) 443

by sandstig (#27629841) Attached to: Why Is Connectivity So Cheap In Stockholm?
Guaranteed 100Mbps for corporate subscribers in Stockholm costs around USD 810 (SEK 7000) without any caps. How much does that kind of bandwidth cost in the US and France? Btw, I've had two residential 100Mbps connections. I might just be lucky, but at our old place north of Stockholm and at our new place, we're consistently able to achieve downloads at around 8MB/sec from TechNet.

Comment: Re:Peep? Not so.. pretty loud buzz more like it. (Score 1) 234

by sandstig (#23722359) Attached to: Sweden On Verge of Passing Sweeping Wiretap Plan
"Last, the reason behind the calling the defense for defense and not military is that the law forbid the Swedish military to perform any aggression. Even on the order from the riksdagen. The purpose of the military in Sweden is strictly defense and hence it is called Försvarsmakten."

The official translation of Försvarsmakten is "Swedish Armed Forces" though. See:

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