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Comment: Practical uses: (Score 1) 75

1) Remodeling - just walk into your bathroom, wave the phone around, go to hardware store and ask your phone, "How many 4" tiles do I need" 2) Digitize custom Lego models.... or your house. 3) My weed-wacker has a broken plastic bit, scan the bit, edit it to not be fractured, tell someone with a 3D printer to send me an un-broken version. you're welcome.

Comment: Re:If they are SO REALLY CONCERN about religion .. (Score 1) 674

by sandmaninator (#45661063) Attached to: New Documentary Chronicles Road Tripping Scientists Promoting Reason
I haven't read Dawkins but I read a book by Susan Blackmore years ago that sticks in my brain still - "The Meme-Machine" : Ahh the forward is by Dawkins :-) Anyway, the idea is that the evolution of humanity is now primarily driven by survival of the fittest memes. I think the collection of Science memes would be gaining on the Religion memes if it weren't for the fact that humans who have been infected with the Religion meme seem more likely to reproduce.

Comment: Sony is making the right move - towards Steam (Score 2) 371

I love Steam because I don't have to hassle with selling my used games. It does not bother me in the least because I never pay over $15 for a game. They frequently have great sales and you can build an awesome library with very little money.

A console that would work the same way would be a great thing. Of course, Sony needs to work on their security... and their game prices!

Comment: Re:But a plecebo is the most effective drug of all (Score 1) 566

by sandmaninator (#39255487) Attached to: Growth of Pseudoscience Harming Australian Universities
But a patient's belief that the placebo works is required for it to work! You want Aussies to get their placebos from unaccredited hacks? The "drugs" will likely work better if they come from graduates!

Healing is a great deal more about psychology than most slashdotters would like to admit. It's a messy business, studying the human mind. The hard sciences have difficulty dealing with something so complex.

Comment: Re:Remember when you're reading this... (Score 2) 214

by sandmaninator (#34840922) Attached to: Aussie City Braces For Worst Flood In 118 Years
Minnesota is one of the places on earth that suffer the widest temperature variation:
71 deg F change in one day
Highest temp = 114 deg F on July 6th 1936
Lowest = -60 deg F on Feb 6th, 1996 - I was in Duluth for that one. Exposed skin got damaged quickly.
Variety is the spice of life :-)

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