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Comment: The Presequel was kind of a letdown (Score 3, Informative) 165

by sandbagger (#49487495) Attached to: 2K, Australia's Last AAA Studio, Closes Its Doors

The thing is, BL2 was beautifully written. So much was gotten right at the story level in BL2 that the sequel was fine as a stand alone game, but not nearly as good.

Let me give an example: the hub of the story takes place at Sanctuary. It's where you get instructions from some of the major NPCs and get upgrades. However, you aren't there until the first quarter of the game and when you do, you approach its high walls on foot and have a job defending them. A few chapters later, you're pitched out of Sanctuary and can't get back there.

For a while at least. You can see it, it's always present but off in the distance but it's 'you can't they there from here'. Later, after (no spoilers) changes involving two major characters, the terrain changes and colour scheme becomes really dark.

In contrast, the Presquel's story hub literally has no purpose in the plot. Sure you can buy gear there like at Sanctuary but you have no emotional investment in Concordia, and you don't even know what it looks like from the outside. Finally, there's zero, nada, third act twist. As the game takes place before BL2 we know the NPCs will fall out with Jack. Okay, but the 'reason' when it happened not only idiotic, but had no story function. Jack murders someone who gives gives him excellent advice about reducing the risk of being betrayed. Okay, no only does that make no sense but there are multiple prison cells on that very map!

Moreover, Tassiter had no story. If the story had been that Tassiter alerts the vault hunters about what's happening to Angel, and Jack's wife is killed in the rescue while trying to get Angel to New Haven (destroyed for unknown reason after BL1) then you'd have a story.

+ - Fauxtographer goes on warpath after being outed-> 1

Submitted by sandbagger
sandbagger (654585) writes "Digital photography really is one of the great things that the digital revolution has brought the world. However, to be a really great photographer still means mastering light and lenses. Unfortunately, there are people out there who think it's a lot easier than it is and pass off work of other photographers as their own with resulting botched wedding and event photos. StopStealingPhotos is dedicated to naming and shaming such bad actors. However, one of these villains has gone on the warpath, trying to browbeat this valuable service."
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Comment: Haven't these guys ever seen films. (Score 1) 99

by sandbagger (#49236105) Attached to: Researchers Nearly Double the Size of Worker Ants

We all know what'll happen next. Monster-killer giant super radioactive ants will devour cities. We'll need a spunky scientist's daughter to convince the test pilot that her father doesn't approve of to attach giant electromagnets on tractors to drive them into the sea where they'll drown.

+ - Yippie! The old guy at work finally retired-- we can now get rid of Gopher

Submitted by sandbagger
sandbagger (654585) writes "The nice but stubborn old gent who has been here for so long has finally retired. This means we can finally get Gopher off our network! I can't be the only one who has had to put up with such folly. With his luck, he'll end up with a million dollar a year consulting gig at NASA talking to old space probes. Sigh."

+ - Text Messaging Reduces Analgesic Requirements During Surgery.->

Submitted by sandbagger
sandbagger (654585) writes "So, that's what our daughters are doing. Ninety-eight patients receiving regional anesthesia for minor surgeries were randomly assigned to text message with a companion, text message with a stranger, play a distracting mobile phone game, or receive standard perioperative management. Text messaging during surgery provided analgesic-sparing benefits that surpassed distraction techniques."
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+ - Patent reform may catch the wind again ->

Submitted by sandbagger
sandbagger (654585) writes "The Washington Post reports that an obscure court case could inject new momentum into a bill that tackles patent trolls. The case, Versata v. SAP, challenges how broadly the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office can interpret a congressional mandate to invalidate "bad" patents, the ones that patent trolls so often use to extort companies for easy settlement money.

This might set up a big showdown with industry and patent trolls."

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+ - ALCU: NSA can't stop US citizen data if it wanted to->

Submitted by sandbagger
sandbagger (654585) writes "The American Civil Liberties Association's Freedom of Information requests have revealed this tidbit in the NSA's reasoning: "As a practical matterit is not possible to determine what communications are to or from U.S, persons nearly as readily as is the case with telephony, and often is not possible at all."

In other words, since the poor guys just have to collect everything. Not their fault."

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