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Submission + - Women in biopharma decry booth babes in letter (biocentury.com)

sandbagger writes: A group of women in the pharma industry have signed an open letter asking that the practice of models at events be halted because it's demeaning women. Tech companies have gone through this in fits and starts for years and slid back despite promises.

Submission + - Abe Vigoda dead for sure this time (cnn.com)

sandbagger writes: Character actor Abe Vigoda, known in part for his role in the long-running police comedy Barney Miller, has died at 94. Reports of his death rocketed around the world a few years ago thanks to the internet but it seems pretty certain this time.

Comment Policy Regulation (Score 3, Interesting) 129

I have a policy that my customers pay me on time. Unfortunately I tend to get strung along for 90 days. Since my policy doesn't have the force of regulation I tend to have to suck it up.

I suspect that the nudie scanner that doesn't work is entering the polygraph zone. The people who buy them want everyone else to believe that these contraptions work. In the TSA's case millions have been spent on these things so I presume some congress critter has decided to make them mandatory to justify the expense.

Comment Yes, drone regulations make sense (Score 3, Insightful) 226

A short while ago a drone backed out a few city blocks in California after touching power lines. Unlike fixed wing remote controlled aircraft, drones can take off anywhere including street corners. This, of course means they can come down nearby

-- Into traffic
-- Powerlines
-- Descend vertically into telephony/power equipment, thus bypassing fences.

No one is saying that these are deliberate but accidents do happen and like your driver's licence helps pay for public education regarding the rules of the road, the potential for error, mistakes and oversight means that there's a public good in ensuring safe navigation of the skies. Someone above said that people could therefore could fake your ID at an accident -- well I think the odds of that happening are small relative to the amount of regular accidents that will happen.

Of course people will stomp and yell about 'muh freedumbs' but these things will eventually -- by accident -- cause traffic accidents by uncontrolled descents and so having the infrastructure ready to ensure that people get a modicum of training is hardly the end of the world.

Comment Colour me suspicious (Score 3, Insightful) 143

Given the way panicked elected officials think, and the fact that kids of people attracted to life in uniform are of exactly the opposite mindset needed to go into computer science, I'm guessing this is an overblown and over promoted 'grabs text transmitted in the clear' thing that's not designed to do much other than pick the pockets of taxpayers.

Submission + - Jupiter finds spyware in its firewalls

sandbagger writes: Now that people know what to look for, they're finding it. Firewall maker Juniper said on Thursday it found spying code planted in certain models of its firewalls. The affected products are those running ScreenOS, one of Juniper's operating systems that runs on a range of appliances that act as firewalls and enable VPNs. ScreenOS versions 6.2.0r15 through 6.2.0r18 and 6.3.0r12 through 6.3.0r20 are vulnerable, according to an advisory.

Submission + - FBI: Just don't call them backdoors (networkworld.com)

sandbagger writes: The FBI still wants backdoors into encrypted communications, it just doesn’t want to call them backdoors and it doesn’t want to dictate what they should look like. Tech companies "need" to change their business models – by selling only communications gear that enables law enforcement to access communications in unencrypted form, he says, rather than products that only the parties participating in the communication can decrypt. He also says tech companies should just accept that they would be selling less secure products.

Comment Re:Trust the philosopher (Score 1) 383

Given that physics is a sub set of philosophy and not the other way around, yes. Most people confuse ethics with philosophy. Ethics is a portion of philosophy. Philosophy outside of ethics is about building systems of logic and analysis and that's why it can have such a huge per semester drop out rate.

Submission + - Man Used Location Data in Instagram Photos to Steal Women's Underwear (petapixel.com)

sandbagger writes: The next time you hear 'it's only meta-data' you may want to look up the story of 44-year-old Arturo Galvan. The gentleman is believed to be behind 6 burglaries with 24 victims dating back to October 2015. He used the location data in instagram photos to locate the addresses of women, police allege, and then burgle their underpants and bras. Mr Galvan has posted bond in relation to the accusation.

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