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Submission Scientific freedom is a Canadian electoral promise->

sandbagger writes: Canada's Conservative government has made a practice of preventing scientists from discussing their — even when peer reviewed — with the press and the public. Increasingly discontent, the nation's government scientists have taken to the streets to protest this. And now the leftist candidate hoping to head Canada's next government has made scientific freedom part of its electoral platform.
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Comment OMG -- We only had ten years to get ready (Score 3, Insightful) 232

No sympathy.

This was a well publicized deadline with plenty of infrastructure money provided up front. Oh -- your HMO or physician practice spent all that money on something else. I guess that must be the evil federal government's fault.

Submission Delete, dump and destroy: Canada's Conservatives don't like data->

sandbagger writes: Stories about government data and historical records being deleted, burned—even tossed into Dumpsters—have become so common in recent years that many Canadians may feel inured to them. But such accounts are only the tip of a rapidly melting iceberg. A months-long Maclean’s investigation, which includes interviews with dozens of academics, scientists, statisticians, economists and librarians, has found that the federal government’s “austerity” program, which resulted in staff cuts and library closures (16 libraries since 2012)—as well as arbitrary changes to policy, when it comes to data—has led to a systematic erosion of government records far deeper than most realize, with the data and data-gathering capability we do have severely compromised as a result.
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Submission Evolution shown in real time->

sandbagger writes: "People think of evolution as historical. They don't think of it as something that's happening under our nose. It is a contemporary process. People are skeptical; they don't believe in evolution because they can't see it. Here, we see it. We can see if something makes you better able to make babies and live longer," University of California, Riverside biologist David Reznick says. Working in a river in Trinidad, he and colleagues determined which male guppies would contribute more offspring to the population as well as which would live longer and which would have shorter lifespans.
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Submission Epson's 'empty' cartridges can have 20 per cent of their ink remaining!->

sandbagger writes: It is said that printer ink costs more than champagne. You might expect that printer companies help you squeeze every last drop from an ink cartridge before you’re forced to replace it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The folks over at Bellevue Fine Art in Seattle recently decided to find out exactly how much ink their high-end Epson 9900 printer wastes. Prepare to be amazed.
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Submission Is it time to abolish social science?-> 1

sandbagger writes: Human motivation is the driving force behind social sciences and economics. Not rules of motion. The physics envy these areas of study have is not helpful to their progress. In this essay, it is promised that many academic departments need to be rolled back into umbrella of humanities and not faux science.
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Submission Routing data to avoid countries->

sandbagger writes: Computer scientists have developed a method for providing concrete proof to Internet users that their information did not cross through specified, undesired geographic areas. Called Alibi Routing, the system is immediately deployable and does not require knowledge of — or modifications to — the Internet's routing hardware or policies.
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Submission Muzzling of Canadian scientists an election issue. Maybe.->

sandbagger writes: While it is certainly not unusual for government departments to have a media office, the way the current Canadian Conservative government has systematically used them to restrict the public’s access to researchers and their data has sparked outrage from scientists around the world.
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Submission Regionally encoded toner cartridges 'to serve customers better'->

sandbagger writes: The latest attempt to create artifical scarcity comes from Xerox according to the editors at TechDirt who cite German sources: Xerox uses region coding on their toner catridges AND locks the printer to the first type used. So if you use a North America catridge you can't use the cheaper Eastern Europe cartridges. The printer's display doesn't show this, nor does the hotline know about it. When c't reached out to Xerox, the marketing drone claimed, this was done to serve the customer better,
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Submission Doctors Without Borders TPP petition against patenting surgical techniques->

sandbagger writes: The international medical aid organization Doctors Without Borders has a petition where you can add your name to the protest against patent extensions it says will keep generic medications off the market. The group believes this will have a disproportionate effect upon poor people. However, the group is also protesting against the patenting of surgical techniques, which is also in the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement
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Comment Gopher, as of last year (Score 2) 620

Last year that old guy finally retired. That afternoon we took Copher off the friggin' network.

It didn't mean much as we did so automated end runs around it but he insisted that it stay there because of some manifesto a neckbeard wrote 20 years ago that was the darkest day of the Internet when Gopher was subsumed. He was somehow still shocked that the community of network administrators failed to rally to save it.

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