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+ - What technical reason is there for charging more for long distance?

sandbagger writes: I had to go on some business trips recently and, yep, the long distance bill was big this month. I was just in a neighbouring city less than 1,000 KM away. It's not foreign travel. It's all networked packets. In the old analogue days when signal boosting was required, I can see a reason but apart from inter-corporate pass through fees, what's the technical reason for expensive long distance?

+ - Student photographer threatened with suspension for sports photos->

sandbagger writes: Anthony Mazur is a senior at Flower Mound High School in Texas who photographed school sports games and other events. Naturally he posted them on line. A few days ago he was summoned to the principal's office and threatened with a suspension and 'reporting to the IRS' if he didn't take those 4000 photos down. Reportedly, the principle's rationale was that the school has copyright on the images and not him.
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Comment: Just put a ban on computer science (Score 3, Insightful) 208 208

No, really. This is what it would come down to.

We need encryption for banking, day to day transactions at every store, as well as general communications in industry generally. Banning the study of encryption would guarantee that Australia becomes a second rate country in computer science.

Comment: People fall for an idiot's clickbait -- Film at 11 (Score 2) 776 776

Some idiot writing something on a web site is hardly news particularly when it's a bitter divorcee talking about mass entertainment. What is this doing on Slashdot? Or is the new revenue model to woo readers away from Jezebel and Salon?

Comment: Four questions (Score 2) 127 127

--- Discussions on Fark don't go to infinity and beyond anymore. Is the attempt to make Fark more PC a response to that or a consequence?
--- You're HTML 2.0 compliant, it seems. Ever planning on updating the back end?
--- A few times a year there's a post to TFD asking for ideas on how to improve things. Nothing changes: why?
--- The ethos of Fark used to be say anything --- smash any idols ---just be funny doing it. Has moving away from that basically made Fark no different from a lot of other discussion/aggregation sites?

+ - 10 Easy Rules to Curb Over-optimistic Reporting in Computational Biology->

sandbagger writes: In in biomedical research in particular, is most often overoptimistic with respect to the superiority of new therapies or the strength of association between a risk factors and outcomes. Published results appear more more spectacular, or more satisfactory than they actually would if they reflected the truth.

Causes of this problem are diverse, numerous, and interrelated. The effects of 'fishing for significance' strategies or selective/incomplete reporting are exacerbated by design issues or publication bias. Research and guidelines on how to reduce overoptimistic reporting in the context of computational research, including computational biology as an important special case, however, are surprisingly scarce. Many methodological articles published in computational literature report the superior performance of new methods , too often in general terms and—directly or indirectly—implying that the presented positive results are generalizable to other settings.

Such overoptimistic reporting confuses readers, makes literature less credible and more difficult to interpret, and might even ultimately lead to a waste of resources in some cases.

Here are ten simple rules to address the problem of overoptimistic reporting.

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Comment: She said cancer was a fungus (Score 2) 256 256

That could be 'cured' via a special diet. First off, were that true, bicarbonate would be chemotherapy and secondly, this sounds to me like practicing medicine without a licence. The nutritional version of "crying fire in a movie crowded theatre" shouldn't get special exception simply because it's about nutrition and people wanting to do good things for their children and themselves by not eating crap. She hurt people by broadcasting this nonsense.

Will she refund all of the money she made? Doubt it.

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