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Comment: Re:Really bad idea. (Score 1) 1173

by samurphy21 (#36655802) Attached to: Roundabout Revolution Sweeping US

Do you have a steel or aluminum framed bike? If it's steel, then the issue is just that the sensor in the crack isn't sensitive enough, but if it's aluminum then you're invisible to the sensor as it only works on magnetic inductance. In eier event, you can glue a couple high powered neodymium magnets to the underside of your bottom bracket and it wqill make your bike look way bigger to those sensors.

Comment: Re:Probably off topic, but I want to know! (Score 3, Interesting) 119

by samurphy21 (#33729978) Attached to: Almost-Satnav For Cycling

My Tracks will record your tracks, and I think allow you to import them into google maps. Google latitude, part of Google Maps, will allow those you tag as authorized to view your whereabouts, if you want people to find you when you're out on the road. Those are the two main apps I use for that kind of stuff.

Do you need to be able to view your phone in this holder, or do you just want it to be able to gather data while you bike? I use a frame bag and just tuck my phone in there, when I'm out.

Comment: Re:You Know (Score 1) 281

by samurphy21 (#33016150) Attached to: Rogers Shrinks Download Limits As Netflix Arrives

Here in Eastern Canada, we have Bell and Eastlink for internet, as well as Telus for Cell. Rogers isn't available in this area, either. I don't know WHERE this "Rogers Internet" is, but I suspect it's Ontario, which, as we all know, is like.. 99% of Canada, but only if you're FROM Ontario.

Comment: Re:You Know (Score 1) 281

by samurphy21 (#33016126) Attached to: Rogers Shrinks Download Limits As Netflix Arrives

I don't think you can even get Rogers internet in Nova Scotia. There is a choice between Eastlink cable and Bell DSL, with a hodge podge of smaller places doing long haul wireless and such. Rogers DOES have cell phone "coverage" in this area, but it is laughably expensive and paltry coverage when compared to Bell or Telus's coverage.

Comment: Re:Yeah, right. (Score 1) 768

by samurphy21 (#32396058) Attached to: BP Says "Top Kill" Operation Has Failed

The russians have used specialized nuclear explosions to seal gas field leaks. Oil fires, on land. Not underwater.

I suspect it's still an option, and a quick google search shows that Obama has had his folks looking in to it since mid May to see if such an option would be viable under thousands of feet of water.

Comment: Re:Thanks (Score 4, Insightful) 404

by samurphy21 (#31309352) Attached to: New Wave of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Sanitizers that lyse microbes with high doses of ethanol don't contribute to these antibiotic resistant critters, but over prescribing antibiotics definitely does.

However, a major player is also the improper use of properly prescribed antibiotics. People who stop taking their medicine for strep as soon as they feel better instead of completing the course, as is required.

This isn't entirely upon the doctors, but also upon those of us who don't follow doctors' directions.

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