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Journal Journal: strange dream

I had a very strange dream last night... suffice it to say, a certain person was in it. why is this such a sticky point? I keep wondering if this will haunt me as long as I live. Something tells me it might.
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Journal Journal: 6-4-3 double play

You know the old saying "damned if you do, damned if you don't"? life has some ironic twists to it that turn us inside out.

recent developments have made things a bit uneasy... drifting it seems without an anchor
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Journal Journal: dead weight

Yes - it's been a while. I was just complaining to another coworker about people who are still dead weight. What's the point? Something is amiss with the Bruins losing last night 5-1... It's depressing. I ripped another Monty Python record this week to mp3 using Linux (yeah - can Windows do that? hell no.)
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Journal Journal: N+3.14159

Drat... I thought things were fine until my weeks were filled with projects. I have no spare time, I've come up with symptoms to the newest corporate disease: workaholicism...
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Journal Journal: Quote of the Week

mgmt speak: i'm lookinq for people who can think in unconventional terms. Translation- you're going to have to improvise all the time, because we don't waste money buying the right tools. - Jay Siegel

"Just think, with VLSI we can have 100 ENIACS on a chip!" -- Alan Perlis