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Comment: File a flight plan (Score 1) 606

by samsonov (#33827148) Attached to: How Long Until We Commonly Use Flying Cars?
I would be all for flying cars (as I have my pilot license). But consider a few things: most people don't care about how they drive today. Pilots have to be conscious of other traffic, weather and the like. Would you need IFR rating to use flying cars? I wouldn't want to have it sitting at home when the crosswind component is reached and I can't fly it. Landing could be interesting as well. It is busy most weekends when more people are in the air now. Can you imagine trying to sequence a landing at (gasp) Wal-Mart during Christmas shopping season? Oh, and no ATC either.
ATC: "Traffic at your one o'clock, type Flying Car at 3000 feet and driving erratically"
Pilot: "I have the traffic and steering clear of them..."

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