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+ - Key Stroke Logger - Source Code-> 2

Submitted by _16s
_16s (1963724) writes "I wrote a passive key stroke logger (back in 2007) called 16k to demonstrate how these type of key stroke loggers work. No one has ever paid it much attention, until yesterday when several anti-keylogging softwares discovered it and realized that their software did not detect it. Since that time, my hosting provider has received multiple abuse notices and take-down requests that I have had to respond to and a few DNS services have blacklisted my domain names (clear cloud dns). My source code and binaries are GPG signed, authenticode signed and MD5'ed and have not changed for more than a year. They've been available for download for many years. And now, all of a sudden, out of the blue they are labeled as malware. I had a small degree of respect for commercial security before this, but now I have none. It seems Security Theater and morons are in charge of companies claiming to make the Web safe. I was hoping /. would help me get the word out."
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