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Comment: Re:Does interoperate with Galileo also mean JAM? (Score 1, Flamebait) 154

by samler (#23441004) Attached to: Lockheed Martin Awarded GPS III
This is not paranoia, this is simple observation. The USA elected a moron like Bush for president, that don't give a shit about any international agreement(Geneva converntion etc). In addition the US with bush at the helm, has sabotaged any international accountability (World criminal court etc). If the US continues to elects this kind of dangerous morons, the world better sever off *any* dependency on the USA.
The Media

+ - Russian video from North Pole fake 2

Submitted by viking2000
viking2000 writes: RUSSIAN LIE: A russian mini sub reached the sea floor under the North Pole, Reuters reported. Now it all is uncovered as fabrication

The pictures are not from the North pole at all, but from the Hollywood movie "Titanic"

"Location information of the videos are incorrect" says Reuters to FNB.

The images instead shows a dive done by mini subs in the Atlantic ocean while looking for the Titanic. Hollywod producer James Cameron used the same type mini sub the russians used on the North Pole, when he made the movie "Titanic" in 1997.

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