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Comment: Re:Respectively: (Score 1) 270

by salted (#29210703) Attached to: Replacements For Adobe Creative Suite 3 Apps?
You aren't going to find anything that will replace your tools with opensource software.You're a professional and you should be playing with these types of tools if you ever want to do something highly productive. Sure they do the same types of stuff, but if they did everything just as good, had more features, or even worked decently, it would put adobe out of business. Also, the time you will spend attempting to figure out new software is more valuable than buying a pc and all the software you need. Photoshop has a 64 bit version for the pc already and its 32 bit version runs 10-15% faster than on a mac. I've used Gimp at work since they won't buy a copy of photoshop and I have to say that you get what you pay for. While Gimp is great in the way that its free, it does jack compared to anything newer than photoshop 6. Just try to easily adjust drop shadow, transform images and do color adjustments, or work with very large documents. Sorry, but this is what you get for being a mac fan. Just dump the mac and get onboard the pc train.

Comment: Re:TFA has a blatantly skewed perspective (Score 1) 268

by salted (#28832079) Attached to: Bing Users' Click-Through Rate 55% Higher Than Google Users'
I'm choosing to click on ads just to support bing over google. Its about time there was another search engine that was fairly decent. So to promote competition, I click on an ad nearly every time I use bing, even if I'm not interested in what the ad is. I've told my friends the same thing. If you like what you see on the internet, click an ad to support them, even if you don't care what the ad is selling.

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