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Comment: Re:"highly critical blurb" (Score 1) 880

by sakeneko (#11110161) Attached to: Le Guin Peeved About Earthsea Miniseries

I haven't seen the series. Having read what Ms. Le Guin thinks of it, though, I won't bother. I first read the first Earthsea books when they were just being published, when I was in junior high school. I've lost count how many times I've read them since.

I wouldn't want to watch a mockery of them. I certainly don't want to watch something that hasn't even got the integrity to mock. :/

It's a shame. The Earthsea books are among the great fantasy books of the last century, perhaps not quite a match for "Lord of the Rings" or Michael Ende's "Neverending Story", but absolutely in the same class as Roger Zelazny's Amber series and Lewis's "Chronicles of Narnia". They deserved better treatment from moviemakers. *We* deserved better treatment, as well.

If it makes Le Guin feel better, I doubt that the SciFi channel did any worse a number on the Earthsea trilogy than whoever it was that made the movie version of the Neverending Story.

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