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Comment: Re:1984 (Score 1) 199

by sakdoctor (#39099667) Attached to: UK Government To Demand Data On Every Call, Email, and Tweet

The world in 1984 is a global symmetric system.

You have some of the prerequisites for that system in place:
Perpetual war on X
A vast military-industrial complex to destroy the excess of human production.
Choice between two indistinguishable political ideals.

However the 1984 world is also in equilibrium. Once big brother exists, he will always have existed.
You're discounting the possibility of being conquered from without.

Comment: Good call (Score 1) 167

by sakdoctor (#39078001) Attached to: Making a Better Solar Cooker

The Philips wood burning stove was way cooler than these looks good on paper solar contraptions. Not that this design would be suitable for these villages, but better wood stoves should have been first on the list.

I heat my cosy developed-world house using wood, and it's incredibly clean and efficient. And by clean I mean even "a little bit of dust" would be unacceptably dirty. The yearly chimney sweep shows that the combustion itself is very close to complete, and the fuel itself is free. Garden waste to most people.

Comment: Re:Stop giving the things away... (Score 2) 167

by sakdoctor (#39077747) Attached to: Making a Better Solar Cooker

That isn't what happened, but thanks for sharing your narrow perspective.
The goal of this charity is "to heal the climate crisis though reforestation" ... total hypocrisy of course, given mine and your ecological footprint.

Wahwhua = White affluent hippy with head up ass

Wahwhua: Here is a crappy solar cooker we designed. Use this instead of harvesting firewood.
Villagers: This solar cooker is completely inferior to our existing wood stoves. It's not fit for purpose.
Wahwhua: Ok, here is our new design. You should use this because YOU'RE damaging the planet.

Comment: Re:IE Crap (Score 2) 241

by sakdoctor (#39077601) Attached to: A Look At Microsoft's 'Mini Internet' For Testing IE

IE is crap, but not for that reason. IE9 is missing some very-nice-to-have bits of HTML5 just because it was released so long ago.

As for CSS3, yes it's deficient in some areas, but there is a trick to get around many of them: SVG
Unless you have to support IE8 (LOL poor you), then the users will never notice the smoke and mirrors.

With JavaScript polyfills, it's possible to take advantage of the latest and greatest in IE9 with minimal effort.

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