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Comment: Re:Don't understand why they do not go the other w (Score 1) 394

by saintlupus (#39745333) Attached to: Posting Photos of Olympics Could Land You In Court

Furthermore if they simply sold raw feeds of every single event they could make a TON of money from people picking and choosing what to watch.

No kidding. I love the Mountain Biking and BMX events, but they're never actually on television. Instead, it's three hours of Shot Put!

Comment: Young people. (Score 5, Insightful) 433

by saintlupus (#39221671) Attached to: Science and Engineering Workforce Has Stalled In the US

So, after a lifetime of watching older members of the science and engineering community get outsourced, downsized, run ragged, and generally mistreated by their employers, young people don't want to sign up for the same thing?

Good for them. Maybe the kids today are smarter than we thought.


Comment: Re:Welcome to our world (Score 1) 1205

by saintlupus (#39213593) Attached to: The Specter of Gasoline At $5 a Gallon

And mandate more open spaces for parks and recreation. Reduce the incentives for living in suburbia. For those who want to live in the wild, open spaces, that's fine. They're a small % of the population and their footprint will be negligible.

I live in an old house in a dense city neighborhood. One of my ex-coworkers was telling me he has no idea how I can live on such a tiny patch of land; he has a dozen acres with a pond.

I told him it's easy. I live near a park, which is much larger than a dozen acres, and also has a pond. I don't even have to mow the grass to enjoy it.

People will have to get a lot better at sharing when gas hits 10 bucks a gallon.

Comment: Re:Rewrite the Constitution or face default! (Score 1) 1042

by saintlupus (#36898294) Attached to: House Websites Jammed After Obama Debt Speech

The red herrings and ignorance are rampant here today. So according to you, they can only carry "convenience foods", but not nutritional foods. And ignoring that, the majority of the poor live near grocery stores. The majority of the poor live in dense urban centers.

Dense urban centers don't generally have grocery stores. There are converted ice-cream trucks that distribute produce in Detroit, because there is a not a single supermarket chain that has seen fit to open a location in the entire city.

And bodegas carry convenience foods, because Twinkies stay edible a lot longer than fresh fruits and vegetables.


+ - Bring-Your-Own-Hardware In The Enterprise->

Submitted by saintlupus
saintlupus (227599) writes "After the discussion earlier this month about whether employees should buy their own computers, I wrote up a few suggestions for employers who would like to consider allowing personal devices to connect to their corporate networks. My aim was to provide practical suggestions for protecting the other hosts on the network, given that the clients are no longer predictable or assumed to be reasonably secure."
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Time-sharing is the junk-mail part of the computer business. -- H.R.J. Grosch (attributed)