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+ - Can the Writers' Strike help grow New Media?->

Submitted by writes "With no end in sight for the Writers' Strike, many people (myself included) are turning to FanFic (Fan Produced Fiction) for new stories about characters that they know and love. A quick browse through iTunes Podcast directory (or your favorite site) reveals wonderfully imaginative takes on some old favorites, including Doctor Who, and interesting original shows that feel strangely familiar like Feedback: A Hero's Calling. The last Writers' Strike sparked the dominance of Reality Television. Will this one mark the rise of podcasters over the networks? Is the general public ready to embrace a paradigm shift?"
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+ - Dumping Aqua on OSX for X11?

Submitted by writes "Aqua is a beautiful interface but it can be incredibly resource intensive (especially for older/low-end machines). And, though the opensource community has made great strides in reverse engineering proprietary drivers from OSX, I would love to be able to simply keep using the drivers that came with OSX for now.

Since there is a fully functional BSD variant under the hood, is it possible (using, darwinports, and/or fink) to boot to a command line and simply startx? Would it use less RAM to bypass Aqua?"

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