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Comment: Robot rulers. (Score 1) 736

by sackofdonuts (#44710375) Attached to: Technologies Like Google's Self-Driving Car: Destroying Jobs?
I for one welcome our automated driving overlords. I can sleep on my way to work. I can work on my way to work. I can eat on my way to work. I can text or call someone on my way to work. But by the time we get all the AI worked out I won't need to go anywhere to work. I can work from my home or anyplace in the world for that matter. Robotics can really help humans do a lot of crappy jobs and activities. But I often wonder why we insist that robots do our drudge work the way we do it. Why not just change the way things are done so drudge work is eliminated all together?

Comment: Re:I am shocked shocked I tell you (Score 1) 384

by sackofdonuts (#44667347) Attached to: NSA Officers Sometimes Spy On Love Interests
Not surprised. I actually expected this was the case. But that doesn't mean I condone it. And your short retort to the story only serves to diminish the issue. This is some serious shit. And everyone should be outraged by this. And outraged at teh NSA overall. But one wonders what other organizations, those that are less well know, are up to. Organizations like the NRO.

Comment: Hahahahahaha (Score 1) 149

Man that was a funny write up. Giving the keys to the kingdom to young upstarts and relatively new employee is hilarious. Every work with these kids? They can't balance their own checkbooks without their mothers' helping. And they expect these same kids to spend millions of dollars on their pet projects. Sure, let it happen. We could always use all kinds of mods to World of Warcraft. The facebook and twitter models are not the norm in the world of business.

Comment: Don't care where the docs came from (Score 1) 893

by sackofdonuts (#43359569) Attached to: Massive Data Leak Reveals How the Ultra Rich Hide Their Wealth
When is the information going to be published in an easily accessible place for the public? The problem with all these data leaks is that they rarely make it to the main stream population. For this information in particular, will /. post names and banks from this data?

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."