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Comment: Re:Living Cells... I call BS. (Score 1) 187

It is possible, and it has been done. But it takes a specialized organism (bacteria, maybe frogs, some insects) or some way to prevent ice crystal formation... And a mammoth dis not have this advantage. Your references require some quite advanced technology that was not around (that I know of) 43000 years ago. A nicely frozen steak is not viable tissue.

Comment: Re:Very interesting, but (Score 1) 93

by sackbut (#45607693) Attached to: Oldest Human DNA Contains Clues To Mysterious Species
The process is discriminatory in the sense that whatever there is a greater amount of to start with will be replicated/amplified at a faster (also) exponential rate.

Also the samples are taken from the inside of bone/fossilized tissue that has undergone quite extensive cleaning prior to grinding/crushing and processing. It is possible though for contamination to occur at almost any point in the process.

+ - Space err... penetrator?

Submitted by sackbut
sackbut (1922510) writes ""British engineers have told reporters that a test of their space penetrator has been conducted and all signs suggest it was a complete success. The space penetrator is a bullet shaped projectile with electronics inside. Its purpose is to hard-land on another planet or moon, penetrating the surface by up to ten feet, then radio back sensor information."

Read more at:"

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by sackbut (#43456749) Attached to: Construction of World's Largest Optical Telescope Approved
It does need to get built, then serviced, etc. There will be some spin-off in construction and maintenance jobs locally. Surely it can't be all built on the mainland then shipped and put together? The Keck's building is decent in Waimea. Any ideas of where the control building will be for this?

Comment: Jupiterfoundation - spinoff research (Score 4, Informative) 21

by sackbut (#43413011) Attached to: Ocean Robots Upgraded After Logging 300,000 Miles
They also do some very interesting projects with the Waveriders and with cetacean (whale) research at the You can listen live to whale sounds coming from Hawaii The Waveridrers were actually a spinoff from the original Jupiter Foundation.

Comment: Re:Hope no one hacks our entire Air Force one day (Score 1) 622

by sackbut (#43015887) Attached to: Future Fighters Won't Need Ejection Seats

The whole point of drones is that you're not putting your own soldiers at risk, so you don't care if it gets shot down. That only costs money, and the military has as much of that as it wants.

Your first sentence is somewhat valid, the second not as much. One could say it depends on the war. Most major conflicts are resolved through economic means especially being able to build things faster than the other nation-state is able to destroy them. So saying it 'only costs money' is not true. Money is the ability of the nation to build and supply itself or other nations with product or services. If the manufacturing of these drones becomes all consuming (literally for the economy) then this could result in the need to cease the conflict.

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