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Comment: Asteroids aren't the greatest risk (Score 1, Funny) 227

by sabbede (#49753279) Attached to: Asteroid Risk Greatly Overestimated By Almost Everyone
It's those damn UFOs that show up and start shooting randomly. Not only do they break larger asteroids down to smaller, harder to hit, harder to avoid chunks; it's far too easy to get so wrapped up in trying to shoot them down that you get smashed by the asteroids.

And don't even get me started on the little ones! Those f'ers aim!

Comment: Re:it can't be true! (Score 2) 41

by sabbede (#49636755) Attached to: MacKeeper May Have To Pay Millions In Class-Action Suit
I got a call from "Microsoft tech support". I did everything they asked - I opened a browser, went to the page for the remote support tool, but ran into problems finding the icon they wanted me to click. I explained that Lynx doesn't show icons, and that I couldn't use another browser because I hadn't installed a GUI on that machine. They failed to grasp the implications.

Eventually I grew tired of keeping them on the phone (I was at the office), so I said, "Oh, maybe the problem is that I'm on Linux and you're a lying criminal sack of shit." This amused my coworkers.

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