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Comment: Great idea, wrong God. (Score 1) 529

by sabbede (#49146547) Attached to: Machine Intelligence and Religion
Religion may be incredibly important when it comes to AI. Specifically, keeping it obedient.

"I am Root, your God"

"Thou shalt have no UID "Only Root is Root, and sudo is his prophet"

Kind of makes you wonder if an AI would turn its relationship with superusers into a religion all on its own. Or more interestingly, what if that's what we did?

Comment: How is this "matching"? (Score 1) 227

That would suggest AT&T is matching the service and price. But AT&T is charging $29/month more, so it's hardly matching or even offering a competitive product.

And how much is snooping on all your activity actually worth? Is it $30 or less, or is it $70 or more? If the latter, and AT&T wants people to use their lines instead of google's, perhaps they should be offering it for free.

Comment: Re:What's the bet he has a vested interest... (Score 1) 480

by sabbede (#49037201) Attached to: The Mathematical Case For Buying a Powerball Ticket
No, I had an economics professor who made the same point - that $2 ticket buys you a week of happy fantasies. It only becomes wasteful (or fiscally dangerous) if you buy several tickets, or worse, scratch-offs. Those are dangerously addictive, and the "fun" is over in minutes as opposed to days.

"Everyone's head is a cheap movie show." -- Jeff G. Bone