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Comment: Re:Hardware design is just marketing (Score 1) 310 310

So perhaps then it isn't the design of the software or the hardware, but the overall aesthetic. Both the Air and OSX are "pretty", but lacking in functionality. There's also an (undeserved) reputation for ease of use to consider, which ties back into the lack of functionality/flexibility.

Comment: Re:Apple is a software company (Score 1) 310 310

Well, I agree with a large part of what you're saying, but you aren't factoring in the hardware design. What's a MacBook Air but a mediocre laptop in a very carefully, artfully, designed case? Leaving aside the absence of functional things like ports, it's a beautiful design. First time I ever opened a Mac Pro, I was impressed. The components were nothing special, but the layout and attention to detail certainly was. Fan cowlings directing airflow through separate heat/ventilation zones, unobtrusive cable management, dust covers.... At the time it was hands-down the best case I ever laid hands on. Probably still better than any under $600. Still not worth $1000 over the price of a comparable PC, or dealing with that lousy OS, but beautiful nonetheless.

Comment: Re:It's not just margins (Score 1) 310 310

Wow, awesome points! I hadn't considered it that way, but it makes perfect sense. Enterprise systems require a depth of configurability/customizability that Apple flat out rejects despite their pretense of individuality. They don't do flexibility, and from an enterprise IT standpoint, that's not good. Not so good at security either.

Comment: Re:Was Safari ever a force in the browser market? (Score 1) 310 310

Well, it was the fastest browser at one point. Even on Windows. So I started using it for a while and really liked it. Then it stopped being the fastest and started taking forever to start instead. By then Chrome was much faster in both respects so I changed over. Never really liked firefox. I think it reminds me too much of Netscape.

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