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Comment Re:Limited unlimited (Score 1) 228

Utility companies are usually regulated because they are local monopolies. I don't know about you, but every place I've ever lived had exactly one cable company.

Naturally, Comcast will argue that they have competition from phone company DSL. Except they make it clear many times a day that it is not comparable service.

Comment Re:They almost got it right (Score 2, Insightful) 228

No, it doesn't slow you down. That's their excuse, and it is a lie. Even if it wasn't, it would be Comcast's fault for selling data rates they can't supply. If I'm paying for 75mbs, I get to use it. A monthly cap does nothing to secure your bandwidth - I could be maxing mine while you're asleep, never interfering with you and still facing an arbitrary cap.

QoS throttling is what keeps your neighbor's torrents from impacting you, not a cap.

Comment Here's what happened when I signed up for Comcast (Score 2) 228

This was about three years ago now, and I since moved to an area they don't operate.

Anyhow, I went to their local office to sign up for service and get my equipment. I asked the rep specifically and in no uncertain terms, "is there a data cap?" The answer was no. To be sure, I explained what I meant - some limit over which I would be charged extra. The answer was still no. This was in June.

In December, I got an email announcing the "great news" that the cap was being raised from 250 to 300GB! So I called them and pointed out that this was complete and total BS, as I had been assured that no cap existed, so they weren't actually raising it they were creating it. The response was, "Oh, there was always a cap, we just didn't enforce it." I asked who was lying to me, the person telling me there was always a cap, or the manager at the service location. Not receiving an answer, I suggested they fuck themselves, sideways, with a chainsaw. Several later calls ended the same way.

I stopped peering linux and other 100% legitimate torrents just in case. I got a call one month that I was exceeding the cap, and had another long phone battle and had to threaten to take it up with the FTC to get them to waive it. I again recommended chainsaw insertion several times. Most conversations I had with Comcast involved that recommendation, as well as pointing out how they lied to me on several occasions.

My new provider, Charter, makes "No Cap" part of their marketing. They have yet to lie to me about anything. Comcast did try to extract an "early cancelation" fee from me when I moved, despite the fact that I made every effort to retain the service, and it was they who broke the contract by refusing to provide service at my new address. Also, when I told them I was moving, I told the woman they better not try to charge such a fee after I made a good faith effort to continue service. She said they wouldn't, since it was their fault and not mine. I was then transferred to someone who said, "$250". They appear to have dropped it.

Comcast lies. The way they do business is abhorrent, and it needs to stop. If someone is filing a class action suit, let me know. I want in.

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