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Comment Crap patents. (Score 2) 124

There's nothing there! Just load balancing and some early attempt at DNSSEC. If they have a case against anyone (not that the patents are really valid), it's Microsoft for Active Directory - secure internal DNS with a portal to the internet. Except of course that those two patents specify the use of non-standard TLD's.

And somehow I doubt that facetime uses server names like facetime.apple.scom. Case should have been tossed on those grounds alone.

Comment Re:Don't be such a baby. (Score 1) 256

OH! Good catch... Maybe he should have used Acrobat 11 instead of DC? Install windows in a VM or dual boot? Or he could have tried the easier route of asking a friend with Windows or a Mac to borrow it for an hour, using one at the office, or library... Convenient? Not really. But dealing with incompatible binaries never is.

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