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Comment Pavlov (Score -1) 425

It's very interesting to observe the Pavlovian response of the American audience. Once ideology gets involved, all rationality goes out the window. I find it fascinating that a country ruled by religious elites, under heavy embargo, with networks under constant attack and scientist with bounties on their heads is able to develop a space program.

Comment Re:Look at me, I'm special! (Score 0) 231

As I already said, if they liked the name, they should have registered it. Unfortunately "...they have for years" is totally meaningless in court. First come, first serve (legally speaking). I couldn't care less about how you feel about anything. You are "allowed" to print my comment and wipe your behind with it if it makes you happy.

Comment Re:Futility at its purest (Score 1) 282

One of my favorite quotes of all time - "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.". I'm quite misanthropic, so no, the examples you are giving do not make my heart warm. They are the achievements of few exceptional individuals, despite the rest of humanity, not thanks to the rest of humanity. The majority of us simply take credit for belonging to the same species and want to feel included. Whether our existence would be of interest to hypothetical intelligent extraterrestrial life is a philosophical question with many aspects so I'd refrain myself from making any assumptions.

Comment Re:Futility at its purest (Score 2) 282

We're as about as meaningful as anything the Universe has brought into existence...

Exactly my point. If the planet dies tomorrow in a fiery explosion, the Universe will not be a bit different. Noone will notice and noone will care. I think that sending a plaque with (pathetic and preachy) pictures in orbit is arrogant and self centered. I don't even want to raise the question about space junk and how would "aliens" differentiate between debris and inspirational plaques.

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