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Comment: Re: Anybody should be able to open an e-book shop (Score 1) 88

by s1sfx (#46616461) Attached to: Judge OKs Class Action Suit Against Apple For E-Book Price Fixing

Reasonable point, but I suspect there's a lot of value in simply being listed on Amazon.

No, not really. There is so much listed on Amazon that without marketing to get people to click on a link any book or ebook just goes under without a trace. Single celled organism in an ocean kind of a deal. The ability of people to self publish to Amazon has created this ocean.

Comment: Energy Psychology (Score 1) 517

by s1sfx (#46584783) Attached to: Jimmy Wales To 'Holistic Healers': Prove Your Claims the Old-Fashioned Way
Please note that the petition does not refer to holistic healing, or alternative medicine. It refers to ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY, most especially the case of EFT, which is designed to change negative emotions. The people who have signed the petition are actively working with people who suffer from emotional problems and have plenty of evidence, including plenty of research studies, that what they are doing works. Once again, the Wiki attitude to this is highly illogical and overemotional. It is not rational. It tallies with the "Alchemist Denial" which is prevalent on Wikipedia - leaving out the FACT that many of the "fathers of modern science" were interested in, and highly active in, metaphysics of one kind or the other. Denying simple facts and starting to shout abuse - is that scientific? Really?

Comment: What is "smart"?.. (Score 1) 529

by s1sfx (#46518715) Attached to: The Poor Neglected Gifted Child
Completely concur to start with defining what "smart" means before we start. I do not consider being able to gain a Chemistry degree as a sign of intelligence. Good memory, hard work, ability to focus certainly but even rocket science ain't ... If you want true innovation, creativity and genius, you are not looking for "smart kids." Which is a shame. Because armies of ant scientists are not going to bring in the next big thing, the next revolution, or be the leaders of tomorrow. I find solace in that thought ... ...

Comment: Re:Did Zuckerberg ever have to get past HR? (Score 1) 716

by s1sfx (#42183131) Attached to: Just Say No To College

First of all, most of those "billionaire dropouts" were dropouts from Ivy League schools with plenty of startup money from daddy already at their disposal, not dipshits coming out of no-name-high-school. Secondly, most of them only left college when they already had contacts and solid plans (and financing) in place for starting their own businesses. They didn't need degrees because they were going to be hiring *themselves*, not having to worry about some HR department that will toss any non-degree applicants right into the trash.

For most of the non-rich, non-Ivy League assholes like the rest of us--we still need a college degree if we're going to get beyond the front door to any stable job. We're not Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

If you're looking for a "stable job" then go to college. If you're not in the slightest bit interested in a stable job but want to do entrepreneurial things instead, and you have that temperament and want to change the world, then to start singing "I did it my way ..." is the way to go. It has nothing to do if you start out rich or poor. Later on, people might "hire" one for special projects but it is nothing like "getting a stable job." It's a completely different path altogether and depends on an individual having their own ideas and the drive to see them through, come hell or high water. So not the lazy man's option then ;->

Comment: Dreading the next upgrades .. (Score 1) 665

by s1sfx (#40888471) Attached to: Why We Love Firefox, and Why We Hate It
I concur. I dread the next update. I never ask myself, "Ooh, what's going to get better ...?" but instead it's "OMG what's not going to work now?" Programs are NOT getting better. They're getting worse. More unstable, more user-unfriendly, forgetting what their original idea was in the first place, cluttered with features I don't need or want, just annoying. And Firefox is a typical example of this trend. Go back ten versions. Try and remember the original idea behind the program. Go back to basics, make 'em work, make me happy. SFX

Comment: Stop Counting Monkeys (Score 1) 1010

by s1sfx (#40821091) Attached to: Political Science Prof Asks: Is Algebra Necessary?
I have recently helped someone through the current maths requirements in the UK to keystage 2 and the ENDLESS counting of monkeys and bananas drove this intelligent child to absolute distraction. Teach proper maths, teach it properly, teach it confidently and it doesn't have to be a "stumbling block." And make a new subject for "life skills" which can include all that other confusing stuff which doesn't belong in trying to get a child or anyone to be confident with mathematics. Seriously.

Comment: Match The Vibe (Score 1) 634

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Thoroughly enjoyed most of the comments ;-) My advice is to match the right vibe to the right person. If someone likes whales, show them the whale movie. If someone likes finances, introduce them to Quark. If they are a complete muppet, show them 7 of 9. If they're into language and metaphor, tell them about Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. For the BDSM fans, there's Damar. There's so much choice, one can find something that will catch the interest for almost everyone.

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