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Comment Twitter, meet shark (Score 1) 46

it's fun watching tech/social companies implode, where do they get this stuff?

Q: we have to be more relevant, stats show we're lagging, ideas?
A: yeah, let's do something stupid that no one will like, we can get away with it for awhile because we're leaders in our domain.

Hello uber surge pricing, hello facebook targeted ads/privacy, hello paypal 6 month buyer protection, etc.
At least google is at least paying attention a little, goodbye plus.

Comment Bummer, most space for free on the cloud (Score 1) 52

They offered the most space for free of all the cloud storage providers, 30GB if I remember right. Their web interface was ok, their mac client made me suspicious though, it wanted root privileges to install, my data in your cloud and my root password... no thanks. Neither dropbox or google drive need root privileges for their desktop client.

Comment a git repo (Score 4, Insightful) 168

  • 1) No syncing hassles across machines.
  • - git repo
  • 2) a. No installation of toolchains to get working or back to work - tool chains?
  • - There are many 'one click' instant LAMP/MEAN stacks for every platform.
  • b. a browser and a connection is all that would be required.
  • - For web development that's always a requirement.
  • 3) Easy teamwork.
  • - git
  • 4) Easy deployment.
  • - many robust deployment solutions push from a git repo
  • 5) A move to Chrome OS for ultra-cheap laptop goodness would become realistic.
  • - Sure, that will be a big selling point for all prospective developers your are trying to lure in...

Comment Practical List (Score 4, Insightful) 583

1. Please, do what you love, love what you do...
2. See #1 (otherwise, life sucks...)
3. Keep commute time minimal
4. Have a life outside of work, really, enjoy life, or at least try...
5. There is always something that is due ASAP
6. There will always be someone you really dislike at work, deal with it 7. Start contributing to 401k, max out your contribution, or at least do company match if it's available. Remember, it's cumulative, the earlier you start, the better off you are.

Off the top of my head, I'm sure there are many more and possibly better suggestions...

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