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Comment: Just wondering... (Score 1) 296 296

Ain't Helium leakage only an issue under positive atmospheric pressure?
If the keep the Helium slight under normal atmospheric pressure it should stay inside the drive.
As long as the seal around it is good enough to keep other larger molecules out, the Helium will sit happily inside the drive..

Or am i missing something? never paid attention to those bits of science classes when i was younger...

Comment: Re:Vaccine is coming (Score 1) 409 409

I heard in another interview on the BBC a day or 2 ago (arghh can't remember exactly when or who it was with)
That the Ebola virus mutates between a harmless and lethal variants every few years (that's why you don't get out brakes of this scale all the time.) and each time it has slightly different incubation time and lethality which makes creating a one-shot vaccine / cure more difficult.

But I hold my hands up and say your guy from the CSC is probably more informed in the subject than my memory of a half listened to interview! lol

Comment: Re:Vaccine is coming (Score 2) 409 409

But the Ebola virus is a bit like the Flu virus, as it mutates when it becomes infectious to humans

It's probably more like the you have to create a new batch for every outbreak, which only occur every 3 to 4 years in small isolated groups, which means it will be expensive to produce.

Unless they go the whole hog and give everyone in the African continent an Ebola jab every few years

Comment: Just wondering... (Score 1) 502 502

Is Microsoft UK the *SAME* company as Microsoft USA? I know they have the same marketing/brand and sell the same items, but one is registered as a UK/Eire/EU company for TAX reasons and the other is a registered US one.

In these days of 'Internal Marketplaces' and companies braking into subsidiaries, is the UK arm of a company technically the same company as the parent if they are both under very different jurisdictions ?

Could this ruling be used on a subsidiary of a foreign organisation based in the US to get access to the parent company's data?
Or, to turn it around, could this be used by another nation on a foreign subsidiary of an American company to access the Main companies data?

Comment: my 2p conspiracy theory (Score 2) 566 566

Main currently accepted theory is the NSA or whoever (insert your fave 3 letter agency here!) tried to get the signing keys TC decides all it can do is "salt the field" and shut up shop.

may as well throw in my 2 theories :
[less likely]
1) one lucky scammer/hacker got the mother-load of a hack and got access to one of the developers systems and managed to get the signing keys as well as full access to the TC sites.

[more likely]
  2) Due to internal ego's and in-fighting one of the development team did a "Eric Cartman" on the others and go "Screw you guys I'm outta here!" putting up the "closed for business sign" and issuing a suspect (but officially signed!) version that only decrypts, killing the brand in the process.

Comment: Re:Good model for higher level education (Score 1) 147 147

Or at least have the opportunity to organize your own meet-up at a convenient location, Or get a list of willing volunteers to help set up the meets and get local tech or other sector businesses involved in your general area. (Fair amount of the MOOC are not IT related!).

I've tried a dozen or so different courses from different providers and I only can be bothered to go 1 or 2 days through the courses before giving up!
I learn better in a group, actually interacting with other students and teachers rather than sitting in front of my PC with a bunch of youtube vids and a page of multiple-choice questions! (which is weird as I generally can't stand the company of other people!!)

Comment: Bit late to this... (Score 1) 106 106

... but I have a life.. ^_^ but i've used it already :(

Couple of points: (I'm thinking less in an individual file encryption issue than to a larger set of encrypted data structure)
In a totally non-knowledgeable fashion would the algorithm or the program access the algorithm create the bogus data?

To me one flaw would be random generation of data. If it was random then using the same false password twice would result in 2 different results (so that password can be ignored) defeating the point of the bogus data.

The way to work it is to use procedural generation of some type, It should be easy to generate a random looking but believable indevidual files or directory structure (and fill it with plausible files related to the folder names *i.e. avi,mov,mpg in video folder and doc,xls,xdoc etc... in Documents folder.) You could go as far as to generate appropriate file herders and meta data to fool some automated checking.

With procedural generation the same false password would generate the same false data every time so it is harder to differentiate between bogus and actual data.

Comment: I'm the exception... ^_^ (Score 1) 388 388

I 'stole' my domain name (in a they didn't bother to renew the domain name in time sort of way...).

In my defence the address is my real name and I already had the .net / and .org domain names just not the .com

Found out 1h after registering and sorting out the email that it was owned by a Developer/Real Estate agent in Canada before me.

I gave up responding after 6 months or so of contacting the senders to inform them I'm not the person they are looking for. Also telling them they should use the telephone to contact the guy and get his new address!

After a few months I got bored and I started to reply to emails about a particular $1,000,000 development for a conservative party member they were trying to get a tender for:

Hey Paul

Love the plans for the project. Client has a couple of alterations.
Can you amend the plans to include:
Large 4ft deep jacuzzi in the living room.
'Adult' Games room in basement. (wants the place soundproofed and optional "adult dungeon" fixtures and fittings with a double bed down there.)
Oh can you fit celling to floor French doors in the toilets facing the decking at the fount of the house. (prospective buyer is a pit of a perv..)

[insert my name here]

Was not really surprised it took them nearly 4 weeks to notice I wasn't the developer in Canada but a guy in the UK (Well I did tell them 2 or 3 times before this I wasn't their guy!)

I still get emails about projects, prospective site availability and invitations to the Canadian conservative party conferences every once and a while but they get spammed and trashed.

Comment: Re:Weird KVM. (Score 1) 75 75

It's probably more like a glorified "keylogger"

A simple KVM box with one of those low powered credit card PC's fitted inside, stick in a rechargeable battery and wire it to draw power from the usb input, It sits there day after day recording key strokes and mouse movements with the odd screen grab. the on board PC then compresses it in to manageable chunks of zips, rars or tar's and waits for one of the gang to walk into the Bank at a busy time of the day. Then it sends it to a receiver via wifi in the crooks bag/pocket in the 10-20 mins he is waiting to get served. If one visit is not enough then they hand it over to another member who gets in line and waits for it to finish.

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