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Comment: Re:Visit dumpsters. Wear old clothes. (Score 1) 142

by s.whiplash (#37779668) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Computer Test Lab Set-Up For Home?
I would agree with this, as I have found some hardware that was good enough for my purposes where it may not have been good enough for the service provider. I have also found decent hardware at the local electronics recycling center for the county. It is amazing what some people throw away. Of course there is a lot of junk also.

Comment: Things to Remember (Score 1) 515

by s.whiplash (#35679406) Attached to: Samsung Plants Keyloggers On Laptops
Things to remember: 1. Mohamed Hassan - Remember not to read his articles or believe any gossip he spreads. 2. NetSec Consulting Corp - Remember not to ever hire them or trust any of their findings. 3. Norwich University - Remember not to let my children attend that university. 4. University of Phoenix - Same as number 3, except that I already knew this. Is the University of Phoenix the only place he could become an adjunct professor? To top it off, his position is in the School of Business and not an engineering based tract.

Comment: Inflation Adjusted Cost of Music and Movies (Score 1) 620

by s.whiplash (#35500008) Attached to: Cutting Prices Is the Only Way To Stop Piracy
Are there any statistics that show the inflation adjusted cost of music, theater movies, take home movies (DVD/VCR) over time? There have been delivery changes, such as DVD, CD and now iTunes, Amazon etc, but it would be interesting to see how the price of entertainment has changes from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, etc. You could even add broadway shows, live concerts and other forms of entertainment into the mix. I would wager that the adjusted price of pretty much everything, outside of food and energy, has decreased somewhat over time in the US. Especially non essential items. I wonder if music and movies fall into that category.

Comment: Backup Your NAS (Score 4, Interesting) 609

by s.whiplash (#32219002) Attached to: Best Solutions For Massive Home Hard Drive Storage?
I have a similar setup to previous post. Server running Linux with a 3ware RAID card running RAID 5. 8 500GB disks with ~3TB of usable disk space. This has been running flawlessly for over 5 years. I have a a movie collection, music and network share for 3 HTPC in the house. Works very well but I wish my RAID card supported the ability to power down the disks and save of power/heat when not in use.

I am almost at capacity on the RAID volume, so to expand I have another RAID card that I can put in the server and create a new volume or replace the 500GB drives with 1TB or now 2TB disks. Replacing the disks would save power and heat, but I would need to backup and restore 3TB of data. Adding another RAID card is easy, but crates more dives that I can't turn off and eat up power.

I am actually thinking about building a new server with the thought of being able to add an many SATA ports as possible (via SATA cards) and then us port multipliers. The use a software based file system or RAID that allow me to add drives of different sizes to the volume. Similar to ZFS but more open. This would make growing the system much easier and allows me to power down drives when not in use. I would still get plenty of performance for my needs.

The other thing that I am doing that most people don't think about, is I backup my entire NAS to another server. I took another old PC that I had and put a 4 port SATA card in it and four 1 TB disks and run Linux and software RAID on it. Each night it powers up and runs a script to back up the primary NAS. I do this just in case something catastrophic happen to my primary NAS and I also use it when I moved to larger disks on the NAS previously. I use rsnapshot to look for changes on the primary NAS' file system and only back up data that has changed. It also keeps the lat 3 months of files that have been changed or deleted, if I need to recover something. When the script is finished, it powers down the backup NAS and wait until the next night to run again.

Comment: What are the features beign infringed? (Score 2, Insightful) 159

by s.whiplash (#32192310) Attached to: Apple vs. Nokia vs. Google vs. HTC
What are the features that Apple, or the other companies, say are being infringed?

I have been using a Windows based smart phone for 7+ years and before that a Palm based smart phone for 4 years. There isn't anything new in the Apple phone that I haven't been doing for 6+ years, except for flinging your thumb to go to the next screen, but Palm was doing screen gestures 7 years ago. Plus other applications and systems have been doing similar things for a long time also.

Apple, and to an extent other companies, are great at marketing, by telling you they have all of this new technology, but non of it is really new of that different then what has been available for years.

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein