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Comment: Re:In closely related news ... (Score 1) 202

by ryantmer (#36964964) Attached to: US Patent Regime Is Absurd

I'm still waiting for them to do to human genes what seed companies do to their patented crops: Render them sterile so they can't reproduce. That might actually make gene patents worth it.

I will patent the stupidity gene, meaning all stupid people will be rendered sterile and unable to reproduce.

You're welcome, humanity.

Comment: Re:Not much of a tooth brusher (Score 2) 116

by ryantmer (#36506164) Attached to: The Iceman's Last Meal
Could also have to do with life expectancy being much shorter - from what I can tell, average life expectancy 5000 years ago was between 20 and 25, so there would be much less time for dental problems to develop (or any health problems, really, aside from ones like "being murdered by opposing tribe" or the favourite "getting eaten by a sabertooth" which plagued many of that era).

Comment: Re:Not even there's to legislate. (Score 1) 319

by ryantmer (#34405490) Attached to: FCC To Vote On Net Neutrality On December 21

The free market is what people do when some guy isn't holding a gun to their head to force them to do something else. Obviously it 'works' because otherwise we'd still be living in caves and fighting over yak bones.

We've just changed what we live in and what we fight over. Does that truly indicate that it works?


+ - Upcoming wikileaks release to stress american ties->

Submitted by mirix
mirix (1649853) writes "CBC reports that the US has told Canada that an impending wikileaks release may cause a negative impact on US ties with foreign nations.
Apparently the US is also informing other nations of the release — It could be pretty damning if they are bothering to notify foreign ministers beforehand."

Link to Original Source

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