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Submission + - SPAM: The Latest Release of Oracle Framework Drives IADI for Hybrid Cross Platform Mob

ryanlawrence171 writes: "IADI sets to deliver advanced cross platform mobile development services with the release of Oracle Application Development (ADF) Mobile. Taking full advantage of this Oracle framework, IADI aims to develop more robust, hybrid and innovative cross platform apps for its clients."
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Submission + - iPod Touch Functionality Lends Helping Hand to Autistic People->

ryanlawrence171 writes: "You can hire iPod Touch apps developers for developing custom specific apps to help your friends or relatives in simplifying the complexities of ASD. As the experiment has proved very successful, it should be implemented to relieve people from the problems of Autism."
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Comment whats an big issue to make sim smaller (Score 1) 117

its not an big issue to make sim card size smaller coz we all love new technologies and also we all like to have portable and small things which we can carry easily.... Ya the only things matters is space not with the technology cozz may be apple have plan something new to add in its products..

Submission + - Get Benefits of Various Mobile Apps with Mobile Application Development ->

ryanlawrence171 writes: "iPhone Application Development deals with the latest mobile development techniques at various platforms to serve you best mobile application development. Here you can get various information regarding mobile application development on various platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc. to get quality apps."
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