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Comment Re: IoT (Score 1) 432

No, the "Internet of things" is not referring to the internet itself. It's referring to a specific "protocol" or "implementation" that various devices can/do use which allows them to interact with and/or control one another.

While it can/does happen over the internet, it's not limited to the internet, and typically their interaction is with other devices on the same local network.

I think the idea behind the confusing name is that your devices will create their own "mini internet" in your home....or something like that.

Comment Re:Or perhaps... (Score 5, Insightful) 618

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with a "politically correct narrative." This is a bunch of asshole teenagers on the internet being led by a couple basement dwelling 40 year olds who are mad at everyone for no good reason.

It's the dregs of humanity...on the internet...being assholes. Plain and simple.

Not a single "threat" would have been followed through on because these people either never leave their homes, or they're still under their parent's jurisdiction.

Comment It's all about taste (Score 1) 200

I've owned a couple kindle fires and a few kindles. At this point my remaining kindle fire is a game machine for my daughter, my wife has a paperwhite, and I have a voyage. I specifically opted for the e-reader experience because i wanted a standalone reading device with a backlit screen and e-ink. I read on my ipad for a long time and it just isn't as comfortable on the eyes.

Point being: People will buy what they want based on their personal taste and needs/desires. What Amazon did isn't "hurting" their e-reader sales. It's "helping" them appeal to more customers and deliver specifically what people want. In short: everyone wins.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 4, Insightful) 403

Yeah, this is pretty much it. There's a LOT of cynicism but it's well deserved. The Federal gov't has proven to all of us that they are not to be trusted. Trust is EARNED not inherent. If you violate the trust someone has in you, it may never return, or at best it's going to take a lot of time and work.

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 2) 468

Someone should ask him to list all 100 of his ways it could present an officer safety issue.

I can name a few reasons that speed traps present a civilian/driver safety issue...

Let's be honest here: Police traffic fines have almost nothing to do with safety anymore. They're about income for whatever governmental organization the police represent.

Comment Re:Choose a CMS you like (Score 1) 302

Honestly, if you just want to get a site with a few pages up for a client without a ton of money to spend, wordpress is the perfect solution. It takes mere minutes to set up a wordpress blog and install a theme, then just customize the images/content and you're done.

I think Wordpress is pretty horrible under the cover, but in the realm of "it just works," it's hard to beat for simple web sites.

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