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+ - Google Overcharging Adwords Advertisers->

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rustcycle writes: "I recently received a letter informing me about a class action settlement against Google, due to Google allegedly charging advertisers up to 120% of their daily budget and also overcharging when ad campaigns are paused. There's more info at — thought this would be of interest to other indie developers / musicians who use Adwords to drive traffic."
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Comment: Bloom and NANO (Score 1) 155

by rustcycle (#26976635) Attached to: Bands Bypass iTunes With iPhone Apps
Readers should consider two other apps: Bloom and NANO were created by musicians as a means to engage new fans, and also to provide an interactive experience that is true to the medium. These apps are themselves abstract compositions. DISCLAIMER: NANO is the fruit of my studio. LINK:

Comment: Necessity for a publisher? (Score 1) 170

by rustcycle (#23639021) Attached to: Ask a Studio Head How To Get Into the Movie Business
In some regards, digital distribution sites and indie advertising channels allow musicians to circumvent record labels and get their music to the consumer. Is there a good site for musicians to use in place of a publisher to facilitate placement of music in TV/film - or is a publisher's "pitching" still critical?

+ - Edutainment in the CS department?

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rustcycle writes: "In a recent ArsTechnica article it was discussed that universities may be trying to make CS more sexy with hands-on experiences including robotics projects in order to maintain enrollment levels. A while back slashdot touched on the GMI (Games and Media Integration) degree my university will be offering that may bring in a more diverse (perhaps more artistic?) CS student base. Along these lines of helping students to explore creative and engaging applications for their CS theory, I've been itching to do some mixed lecture / performance events in which I would describe the 3D geometry generation, image processing, genetic algorithms, and other mechanisms behind the animated music-driven visuals created for my MS CS thesis "Aesthetic Emergence in Synesthetic Sculptures" — then "demo" the software by playing a set with my band, displaying the evolved visual ambiance on twin 42" 1080p HD LCDs. Where we once had "edutainment" games in grade school, is it now appropriate to have edutainment lectures at the university in order to keep students excited about CS?"

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