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Comment Empire! (Score 1) 134

I was a CS undergrad and never used the Plato system for structured learning, but played many an enjoyable hour in the basement of the CS building on a Plato terminal playing Empire. Was the best Star Trek game back in the day. Fantastic game for its day, and very fun after spending uncounted hours hacking some assigned programming task into shape.

Comment Charlatan (Score 3, Insightful) 242

Much like the psychic who never seems to be able to hit the lottery numbers and become wealthy, Olivia appears to have none of the qualities of which she purports to teach, besides being a charlatan that appeals to the pointy haired bosses of the world looking for that silver bullet.

Comment Why believe this? (Score 2) 248

Given that the reports of the Snowden NSA documents indicate that the NSA worked with willing private sector companies, why should anyone believe that this is nothing more than a public relations push by Google? I think Google is trying to restore trust by appearing to be doing something while in fact being just as open and cooperative with the NSA as it has always been. I will believe that there is some pushback by private companies when there are actual public (not secret) court cases brought by the government to force them to do something. Until then I call shenanigans.

Comment Re:How is that an "upshot"? (Score 2) 167

The point is that a) Uber is stealing tips from the drivers and needs to be punitively punished and the behavior stopped and b) there is so much malfeasance by companies doing this sort of thing that one can make a career out of stopping them from shafting working people. That is the outrage. And yes, the bad actor in this case is Uber and their stealing, not the people trying to set it aright. Dimwit.

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