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Comment: Re:FxCop (Score 1) 452

by ruleant (#20465873) Attached to: Programmer's Language-Aware Spell Checker?
I used FxCop too. It checks your code on many things, including spelling of function/variable/class names. You can turn most of the default rules in FxCop off, if you only need spellchecking, but the other rules are also very useful.
I'm not sure if FxCop checks the spelling of strings, used for messages and captions on the GUI, but it probably does.
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+ - German semantic Web project seeks experts->

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ruleant writes "Theseus, the german semantic web project, is getting up to speed, having defined several projects like Ordo (organize users' digital content) and Medico (search technology for medical images). In order to progress fast, first results of the projects are expected in 18 months, Theseus is looking for Open Source experts, especially programmers. The project will organise contests in november to select who can participate :

We want to attract bright minds to the project and let them work with the many other experts we have on board from the participating businesses, research institutes and universities.

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