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Submission + - Grande Beats Google, AT&T To Gigabit In Austin->

ruiner5000 writes: While Google and AT&T have been battling it out in Austin to be the first to gigabit Grande Communications has beaten them both to the punch. Using their own fiber network they are offering FTTH for $64.95 a month for much of Old West and Central Austin. AT&T has some areas of 300Mb service available, and Google has been largely quiet about where they are rolling out service.
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Comment Re:Grande had fiber to the home first in Austin (Score 1) 230

They have enterprise class fiber which is to the premise. I had it in 2006. They don't have fiber to the home as a product, its coax the last mile, unless you are ponying up for the enterprise class which is too expensive. They have also not been able to cross 2222 to where I can get cable at my home even though my sister a 5 minute walk from me had had it available for about 8 years.

Comment Re:competition (Score 1) 230

I'm from Austin, and sorry, but the legislature needs to open up competition. That money is largely wasted on moronic projects and our property taxes and business personal property taxes continue to rise with no attempts at really curtailing them as the schools continue to deteriorate to the point where I can not let my kids go past elementary school. So I'd prefer that money we 'save' back in the form of property tax relief instead of paying for a study for ever single dumb thing possible, and relining Shoal Creek for bicycles seven times over.

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