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Comment: ridiculous headlines (Score 1, Insightful) 645

by ruffled (#36106814) Attached to: Sergey Brin: Windows Is "Torturing Users"
Google vs. Windows?
Facebook vs. Google?

Since when did Slashdot become a posting for second-rate articles that are all FUD and gossip mongering when there are actually a whole lot more interesting and thought-engaging articles out there?

Slashdot eds please focus on posting real news again and leave the drivel aside. You are not and the /. rep does more for the site than your stupid clicks.

Comment: Re:I can think of a few reasons... (Score 1) 465

by ruffled (#35427962) Attached to: Why Do Videogames Struggle With Sex?
actually imo there probably is no need for sex games, if gamers wanted to get girls (or guys) they could just walk out of their front door and chase some tail in real life i.e. real life action i dont think simulation here is necessary for sex, as opposed to other things such as city building, or fighting wars or shooting people. maybe it is possible, but theres just a lot less demand for it. oh and the whole censorship thing isnt helping. (dont know whats up with that). but then again theres games for cooking and taking care of pet dogs and farmville but i guess theyre a lot more "mainstream" activities.

Comment: Re:Two to five YEARS??? (Score 2, Interesting) 180

by ruffled (#34099784) Attached to: Breakthrough Portends Cure For the Common Cold

Can't say I know how long approval in the UK will take either, and I agree that if anything does come of this it will be at the long end of their estimate at the soonest.

at the soonest:
lab prototype design and lead modification (now) - 2-5yrs
clinical trials - +5yrs
regulatory approval and marketing - +2yrs

and given at any stage the project could just break down with delays.. hope you'll be holding onto that cold for a while

Comment: Re:I thought they already knew why corona is hotte (Score 2) 111

by ruffled (#33472174) Attached to: NASA Preps Closest-Ever Sun Mission
Vibrations of the solar magnetic field line loops pump energy into the plasma fraction of the gas above the visible "surface", heating it. Reconnection of the lines cause the new loops to expand like released springs, catapulting the entrapped plasma outward.

Discoveries like these really make you wonder and marvel at the incredible physics of the universe. I mean, who makes up all this stuff? It's just incredible to see atoms and molecules self-align themselves according to pre-planned rules like gravity, electromagnetism etc in a seeminly random way to create what is.

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