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Comment Re:It's all in the execution (Score 4, Interesting) 464

Cops are taught not to do that though. The thing I am saddened about cops is their terrible aim, we used to let the PD of pop. 180,000 town use our club's gun range a few days a month, they would shoot at half the 50 foot range's distance, and still they were spraying ammo in three foot groups under stress of timed fire and reload scenario. disgusting. the worst of us club members could at least keep it on standard 10.5x12" bullseye paper at 50 foot

Comment Re:I don't believe this propaganda for one second (Score 1) 464

only happened a few times but it did sometimes happen (two or more matches a week when I was really into it for three years)

I did handload for the .45 ACP I usually used, very clean with win 231 powder and beeswax lube. I used factory ammo for 9mm in glock and p-38

though i usually didn't use it in matches my gen 1 glock 17 "stovepiped" a couple times (was my hand tired?), and one time the brass expanded (factory flaw) such slide was stuck open a quarter inch, my gorilla friend (as in he was 6'-10" 300 lbs. muscular brute) forced it open for me. so I'd say glocks are generally reliable except the occassional times when they aren't

Comment Re:2212 guns being "smuggled" into airports (Score 1) 500

actually, the vent and flap for large jet that opens to outside and maintains air pressure against inflow has half square meter of are going to need to make a lot of holes. in other words, no, mr. angry towelhead isn't going to even make plane descend shooting a hundred holes.

Comment Re:I don't believe this propaganda for one second (Score 1) 464

except guns mechanically fail too. ever shoot an "1800 match", your gun will jam in some matches, that's some time in a 90 shot string it fails because of fouling. if you are injured or tired you can "limp wrist" the firing of a pistol so it jams. Anyone who argues with me hasn't been competition shooter firing hundreds of rounds a week for years, those who go to the range every two months and pop off a box or two STFU.

Comment Re:what happens... (Score 1) 464

We have high tech batteries that could tell you when they are at the 10% remaining or whatever level.

I am against "smart weapon" being required, however as I have children and their friends in my house I'd definitely be interested in 99.9999% reliable "smart gun". Heck even "dumb guns" malfunction, or can malfunction if you are injured (e.g. hand not providing enough resistance so semi-auto pistol jams; I lead with a revolver for that reason)

Comment Re:It's all in the execution (Score 1) 464

no that's not correct thinking, the manner of use of guns in combat has nothing to do with civilian handling. they run with finger on trigger, sweep friendlies with aim,etc. And shoot more rounds in month than most civilians will do in years.

Getting shot by the USMC is not primary concern for citizens.

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