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Comment Cannot comply to that (Score 2, Insightful) 995

At our company, we use a heterogeneous setting: Windows XP and Linux (Kubuntu that is).

The XP machines we set up for development purposes (Eclipse, PHP, XAMP) are now, not quite
7 months after their first installment, at the bottom of usability, so to say. Everything
on these machines takes longer and longer, with nothing having been installed in-between
except the required updates for the development platform.

On the linux machines it is different, quite a few update to the installed development
software, upgrades to the system and installation of a few gadgets and still everything
works fine and most of all responsive.

And, what is more, yesterdays I received a notification by XP (professional taht is, based
on the proven NT platform), saying that the MSDOS driver would not function properly
after inserting a certain CDROM... remember that this is a off-the-shelf installation of
the system.

To my account, Linux is more desktop ready than any other platform, except perhaps the also
Unix based Mac OS X environment.

Just my 2


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