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Comment Re:Depends on the time (Score 1) 189

Example should be "less than 1.4," by the same clause-shifting test that helps in choosing "I" vs. "me:" "The standard deviation, in defects per shipment, was less than 1.4." The error is easy to make because "defects" is discrete and near the comparator, but the comparison is with 1.4, not with the unit of measurement. (As long as we're nagging the grammarasses...) Ego propping is fun!

Comment Re:CS is part of IT (Score 3, Informative) 520

Ha! CS is programming? I'm pretty sure CS is the study of the theory and principles of design and implementation solutions of computing systems. Key word: study. I have been programming since I started playing with assembly around 1993. I interviewed once and had no idea what design patterns were, let alone what Go4 was. When I looked it up, I found it was a collection of ideas I had been using for 12 years, and the company missed out on an outstanding candidate because of this foolish disconnect. Hence, I am not in "CS," according to some. However, I wrote a collision pre-detection scheme in 1999 using a PR-octree because my roomie at the time was doing a quadtree project in his CS hw and I was done with my physics hw, and now we see id using a similar method to introduce raycasting to their 6th gen engine (yes, octrees have been used in the earlier engines, but for storage of geometry and entities). So, to say it simply: business programming is not CS. It is manipulation of data by using computing technology. Key word: using. Talking about IT in a diminutive tone is pathetically misplaced elitism, and is akin to saying that the person who designs roadway material delivery systems is somehow more involved in transportation technology than one who programs devices to operate traffic control lights.

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