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Intel Connects PCs To Devices Using Light 179

Posted by samzenpus
from the fast-connection dept.
CWmike writes "Intel is working on a new optical interconnect that could possibly link mobile devices to displays and storage up to 100 meters away. The optical interconnect technology, Light Peak, could communicate data between systems and devices associated with PCs at speeds of up to 10Gbits/sec., said David Perlmutter, vice president and general manager of Intel's mobility group. The technology uses light to speed up data transmission between mobile devices and connected devices like storage, networking and audio devices, the company said. The technology could help transfer a full-length Blu-ray movie in less than 30 seconds, says a post on Intel's site. Light Peak can run multiple protocols simultaneously over a single cable, enabling mobile devices to perform tasks over multiple connected devices at the same time. 'Optical technology also allows for smaller connectors and longer, thinner, and more flexible cables than currently possible,' according to the Intel entry. It could also lead to thinner and fewer connectors on mobile devices, Perlmutter said."

+ - New Projector casts 80inch Image from 8cm distance

Submitted by morpheus83
morpheus83 (708114) writes "Sanyo has announced that they will launch LP-XL50, a front projector that can project 80-inch images from a distance of 49 cm. Although the projection distance is 46 cm, the distance between the chassis and the wall may be only 8 cm. The product uses the company's proprietary aspheric mirror in the optical system to reduce the projection distance. The focus adjustment and image enlargement are carried out while the incident light is reflected on the mirror."

Comment: Re:Brighter in the morning? Unsuppressed thoughts (Score 1) 318

by rpcxdr (#14742977) Attached to: Why Don't You Sleep On It?
Our ability to focus our attention comes from our ability to suppress competing thoughts. While we are dreaming or in the morning, we are blocking out less thoughts and worries. One theory is that our conscious mind arises from conflicting patterns in our subconscious - so it makes a lot of sense that the majority of solutions to a problem are suppressed in conscious thoughts.

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