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Comment: More harmful than bullies... (Score 1) 724

by rootpassbird (#24331839) Attached to: How To Deal With Internet Bullies?

...are OVER-biased distro-haters or pro-FSF and anti-FSF preachers and hypocrites (all four possibilities).
They strongly bias newcomers to Linux against or for certain distributions without letting them know that distros are not human beings and typically Linux distros are not like the Windows OS.
Any advice of NOT going to so-and-so distro prevents the n00b from seeing a distro that might actually be good for him.

B0rking the install is possible/common in *ALL* distros - depends on the user, but these fucking trolls or perverts effectively waste people's valuable time by preventing them from using a certain distro - what do they _gain_?


YET, they stop you from using a particular distro.
Fuckers. Trolls.
Lord Linus take note of this.
St Ignucius, take note of this.
Like you take note of everything else needed or not.
Fuckers. Crooks. Rogues.

Ignore them!

Premature optimization is the root of all evil. -- D.E. Knuth