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Looks like he got sloppy. Paragraphs 33 to 39 in the criminal complaint are of interest here, specifically 34 and 38. Looks like he used the same handle to advertise SR on Shroomery as he did to post a job opening on Bitcoin Talk which was linked to his real email. Of course, this and the Canadian post inspection could both be parallel construction, but that's the official story for now.

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From Forbes: "Agents found Ulbricht after Canadian border authorities routinely checked a package intended for his San Francisco home and discovered nine fake identification cards within, which Ulbricht allegedly was seeking to obtain to rent more servers to power Silk Road as it massively expanded." Link:

+ - BitTorrent Bundle puts a music store inside torrents->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "BitTorrent has come up with a new way to sell music, and it’s sure to ruffle executive feathers at stodgy record labels. It’s called BitTorrent Bundle, and it puts the music store right inside the torrent. Yes, a legitimate music store embedded in a torrent. At last, someone has come up with a way to turn all us entitled, lawless downloaders into paying customers!

BitTorrent thinks of BitTorrent Bundle as a sort of 21st century band flyer. It’s a digital grassroots way to reach out to fans, but it also enables them to show their support and easily purchase additional content. Post a torrent with a handful of live tracks from your latest tour, Bundle it with a store that lets your groupies buy the full album. Simple."

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