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+ - Linux lotto tickets?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I'm not quite sure where this Linux lotto ticket originates from... but can you identify the possible copyright violation? Release the hounds!"

+ - Gigapixel Navigation in Google Maps->

Submitted by
jeffreyMartin writes "Google Code has featured us on code.google.com (permalink here- http://google-code-featured.blogspot.com/2007/07/p rague-360.html )

They seem to be very excited about the "Gigapixel Map" that I made with the help of my brother David http://vision.bc.edu/~dmartin/

This Gigapixel Map is, well, just that — instead of a street map which you can move around and zoom, it is a super-high-resolution photo (made from a few hundred photos stitched together). (Taken from the exact same place, it will be seasonal. Currently we have winter and spring.) We then used the map marker system that we are using on the "normal" maps to make this image a pretty nifty way to look at the city. When you click on any of the locations, it opens a fully spherical QTVR panorama. Seemed to me like the most sensible thing to do with these humungous images I made....

We'll be adding more soon, as well as for a couple other cities. Watch out for the summer version in Prague!"

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+ - Computing is now a natural science->

Submitted by
wikinerd writes "Peter J. Denning just published an article in the July 2007 issue of the Communications of the ACM journal-magazine explaining that computing is a natural science and announcing his Great Principles of Computing framework. He says that there are 7 common overlapping categories of principles that can be used to study computation in any field. He goes on to report views of other scientists, such as Baltimore's view that biology is an information science, or Wolfram's claim in 'A New Kind of Science' that nature is expressed in terms of computation. He provides an example application of the Great Principles framework in finding out whether the recent game programming degrees offered by many universities are just a fad or a legitimate field, and he ends proclaiming that computing is an infinite game itself. The article suggests that the Great Principles framework could help to develop more meaningful CS curricula, reversing the recent trend of failing student numbers."
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+ - GPS Jewelry->

Submitted by tad001
tad001 (147243) writes "The BBC has a story about jewelry that tells you how to get where you are going. From the article "Two vibrating rings which can guide the wearer around a city via global positioning satellite (GPS) have been unveiled by a British designer at the Royal College of Art."

So is that your hand buzzing or are you just happy to see me?"

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