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+ - Danish rocket team prepares for launch on Sunday->

Submitted by rolfac
rolfac writes: The Danish rocket team Copenhagen Suborbitals are all very well after sailing their sub, rocket, platform from Copenhagen to Nexoe on Bornholm.

Currently they are waiting for the right weather, which is probable for Sunday. The test is therefore planned for tomorrow, Sunday sep. 5. around 15:00 local time.

The test will be 30 kms off the coast east of Bornholm.

Engineering Weekly (Copenhagen) being on board support ship will in cooperation with readers and experts provide very comprehensive and technically detailed live coverage at rss http://bit.ly/aHZlna (in Danish)

Also follow #raket at twitter.

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Researchers Cripple Pushdo Botnet 129

Posted by timothy
from the nothing-wrong-with-the-word-cripple dept.
Trailrunner7 writes with this from ThreatPost: "Researchers have made a huge dent in the Pushdo botnet, virtually crippling the network, by working with hosting providers to take down about two thirds of the command-and-control servers involved in the botnet. Pushdo for years has been one of the major producers of spam and other malicious activity, and researchers have been monitoring the botnet and looking for ways to do some damage to it since at least 2007. Now, researchers at Last Line of Defense, a security intelligence firm, have made some serious progress in crushing the botnet's spam operations. After doing an analysis of Pushdo's command-and-control infrastructure, the researchers identified about 30 servers that were serving as C&C machines for the botnet. Working with the hosting providers who maintained the servers in question, the LLOD researchers were able to get 20 of the C&C servers taken offline, the company said."

Non-Profit Space Rocket Launching In a Week 127

Posted by samzenpus
from the diy-to-the-stars dept.
Plammox writes "A non-profit suborbital space endeavor lead by Kristian von Bengtson and Peter Madsen is trying to put a man in space. The first test of the boosters and space craft in combination with the sea launch platform will take place this week. The catch? All of this is a non-profit project based on voluntary labor and sponsors. How will they get the launch platform out in the middle of the Baltic sea to perform the test? With the founder's home-built submarine pushing it, of course."

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