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Comment: Re:This is excellent news (Score 1) 459

by rokknroll (#26972709) Attached to: BASH 4.0 Released

but....all IT staff are by definition anti-social , failed , potentially mass-killing misanthropes, its why we got into this field in the first place surely?

And besides, its either a bug or a "feature", its never our fault.

When a user can spend half a day not being productive before reporting that "her keyboard doesnt work",and upon invetigation she had caps on, then yes, PEBKAC/RTFM.

Comment: Re:It's me. (Score 1) 550

by rokknroll (#26960073) Attached to: Who Poses the Greatest Threat To Your Privacy?
seriously WTF? The OP(in thread at least) sounded reasonable and informative to me.
If you cant eloquently express your argument or disagreement, heres an idea...dont.
You (yes, specifically you, no one else) are the reason that the economy is broken. 'Cos your entitled to whatever you want whenever you want, and theres no such thing as comeback.
You wont get why, but some will, and thats the real tragedy.

Comment: Re:Cool! (Score 1) 139

by rokknroll (#26815899) Attached to: <em>EVE</em> Devs Dissect, Explain Massive Economic Exploit
or....not. To extend the analogy, eve would be downhill racing, flatland BMX, or even just dirt riding. Achievable results with time that lead to satisfaction. Is it just me that doesnt expect/want everything on a plate, with no learning curve involved? And , yes, get off my lawn young whippersnappers, there is a satisfaction to applying yourself to something until you understand it. Used to be known as grokking. Dunno if the kids(sic) these days could be arsed even googling that. Off to collect my bus-pass brb.

Comment: Re:Cool! (Score 2, Informative) 139

by rokknroll (#26815807) Attached to: <em>EVE</em> Devs Dissect, Explain Massive Economic Exploit
Use the many help tools available in game, including the EVE Wiki which is available in the ingame browser. Aurora (the female voice) also has a slew of informative tutorials available from the help menu. Eve wont hold your hand for you, if you cant take that then it's not your game. Eve is to WOW as Bash is to Windows basically, cant just click and hope, you need to read the man pages.

Comment: Re:You overestimate WoW (Score 1) 86

by rokknroll (#26786553) Attached to: <em>Vanguard</em> Dev Talks About the Game's Future
Absolutely bang on on the last point, and most modern /. readers wouldnt be able to spot the difference in the arguments sadly. WoW exists, so why try to beat it? Windows also exits, so mac go for cultural cache and linux goes for "sub-prime" markets. Theres room for them all. It is likely that a large portion of WoW players have not played any earlier generation MMO's, therefore Vanguard will make no sense to them at all. If you played EQ or UO, then vanguard is a breath of fresh air. Its hard, uphill both ways in the snow with no shoes gaming, and plenty of people pine for that. If you feel threatened by another MMO surviving against WoW, ask yourself why.

Comment: Re:One reason... (Score 5, Insightful) 352

by rokknroll (#26749539) Attached to: Massive <em>EVE Online</em> Alliance Disbanded
I think the /. i grew up with is dead. This is a huge political upheaval in a Virtual World. The old /. would lap up the meta-game consequences. The old /. would wax lyrical about the shifting social paradigms that would make this a headline. The old /. would figure out how to get the premium client running on a toaster. The new /. is like a youtube comments page, nothing but vitriol and hate, smart-arse comments by half-wits. I cite the Boron article yesterday, about 4 million "jokes" using variations on "Boring". I mean...COME ON! People had to then ask for clarification, in the old days people would have searched 1st, asked later. Not now, now its all hate and entitlement culture. Worst of all, no one even knows what the HURD is anymore. Goodbye /.

Comment: Re:Inquiring Gamers Want to Know (Score 1) 504

No, they didnt. Your "Founding Fathers" set up the inherited wealth WASP school of presidential succession(with , oooh , two or three exceptions from 44 instances). In exactly the same way the UK has upper middle class or greater people in the top jobs. We both live in meritocracies but the definition of who merits power is *set* by those in power. There is less guns and bloodshed in european and american power succession, but no less manouvering by power groups interested in perpetuating the ruling class myths that let us live a peaceful life(and thanks for it too). On the subject of revolutions failing: China-tried, succeeded, not once, but twice. America-succeeded. France-succeeded. Cuba-Succeeded. Spain-Succeded. Germany-Succeded. Twice. Ireland-Succeeded. Italy-Succeeded, evidenced by the fact that it exists. Algeria-Success. Iran(Persia)-Success. Sudan-Success. Israel-Phyrric success. Kazakhstan-success Vietnam-Success Ceylon-Success India-Success Phillipines-Success Baltic States-Success Poland-Success Chzechoslovakia-Success, then fail, then lots of baby success. Turkey-Resounding Success. using the standard definition of revolution here. and thats just what is near the front of my mind... regards failures, well only ones that spring to mind are the English revolutions that ended in peasant-shaped smear mostly. And the fighting Irish who invaded Canada for a laugh after the American Civil War.

Computers will not be perfected until they can compute how much more than the estimate the job will cost.